Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pictures part 5 :- Nikon D90 moments

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all the pictures in this entry are from my bro-in-laws Nikon D90..
credits for pictures goes to Abg Hafiz, Wahida, Aini and me..
don't know who's who but whatever..

D90 moments for before and during BBQ event..
no after pictures, tired and went to sleep after washing the dishes..

Miera, Afif and Auni who sent me home before the BBQ event..

have fun before working my butt off..
censored due to some issues.. hehe..

things done during the event..
the skinny guy is my mums Master student, Zul..

da scorpion king..
besar dowhh..

and yummy corn..

ngeh3, busted!!
mercun besa2 ja, tak extreme pon..

da food...
semua sedappp, kecuali daging coz liat..

up close expressions..
all taken by me..

before and after..
I ate like 4 pieces of chicken plus french fries and the absolutely delicious black pepper and brown sauce..
gila sedap siott, sampai menjilat pinggan....
camana nak kurus baiii?..

pictures from photo session in front of Canselori building will be uploaded later..
time to do my assignments..
adios awesome people!!
shining star~~


EIPUL said...

YA ALLAH sabar je lah kau ni tau!

AKu lapar!!! Tgk gambar ko lagi buat aku sewel. Huahua
Nak la sikit wei! Kahkah

chipsmore said...

lawa2x la ur pic...hehe..

btw,slamat ari raya ;)

sha89 said...

perghh...cntik la pic2 tu smua!!

xleh blah la...tinggi gak ko lompat ek? hahah~

sedap2...lagi2 tgk pic jagung tu...adess..~

imHepPie said...

ala bakpe sensored....???kuciwa arr haha

Just_najmiE said...


ngeh3, kau jadi sewel?.. ambek gmbar kalau kau sewel.. hahaha.. kalau ko nak, dtg la kedah nnt bila aku wat BBQ lg ok.. huhu..

Just_najmiE said...


hohoho, trima kasih byk2 ya.. selamat hari raya utk kamo jgk.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


mekasih.. camera lawa, pic pun lawa, org yg ambek gmbar lg lawa.. ahaha..

kekeke, agak tinggi gak lompatan yg dibuat.. semua mknan manyak sedap maa.. hoho..

Just_najmiE said...


oitt, budak2, takleh tgk.. hahahaha!!

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