Friday, September 4, 2009

1st test completed..

Mood: waiting..

I finally completed my first test here in UUM..
dewan TE sangat sejuk dowh..
it was a good thing I brought my jacket..
if not, I would have frozen up, like ice cream..

out of the 80 marks given, I think i burned 37 marks..
chapter 4 and 5 was a blur..
hohoho, memang 'terbaiklah'..
well, whatever, malas nak pikir..
I did my best..
it had pass, and I'll move on..
live with it la kan?..

I have deleted my previous post..
but thanks to those who even bothered to read..
yeah, it's true..
I have to banyak BERSABAR..
besides it's fasting month, I have to suck it up..
people lie all the time right?..
but to be lied to by my so-called-bestfriend hurts..
well, whatever..
I guess I'm stupid coz I believed you..

okay people, I got a SIFE MEALCON meeting tonight at 8pm..
what is it I'm waiting for?..
a msg from someone, anyone, who wants to be my friend and keep me company..
seriously, henset aku senyap gila arinih..
sangat bosan ok?..
my last phone numbers are 2776..
if you're smart, you'll find the rest..

ok, I'm off..
selamat berbuka puasa awesome people!!
shining star~~


intan said...

i have your number already...
its a good thing u move on...

its about time~

Ejay said...

dewan Teater Eksperimen mmg sejuk giler.. huhu

btw, mmg pissed off bila kwn baik menipu. been there, done that.
my advice, cut off sahaja org2 camtuh!
(devil advocate.. heh)

Just_najmiE said...


duhh, u're my sister are u not?.. hoho..

Just_najmiE said...


oh, of course u know, u were here too.. hehehe..

yeah, it hurts.. :(

feshnie said...

Uih! Aren't you afraid you'd get disturbed by weird people?
Gah, you're so brave to be giving something like that so freely.
no, that was not a compliment.

oh yeah, I didn't get to read that post you deleted but mom did and aneki said you were abusing ducks. hoho.

You're too emotional as of late. Eversince that fiasco with that guy.

Just_najmiE said...


woah, mum read it?.. hahaha.. ducks are scary when they come to peck u.. wait, I think those are goose.. hurm.. whatever..

I think that time of the month is coming.. kindda why I'm all emo.. lalala~~

messyremo said...

meh kasik no ko..

biar aku kasi bising sket hp ko tu..haha

Just_najmiE said...

oit, kang BK jeles kang.. hahahaha.. no aku ada ja dlm blog nih.. tp ko kena carik la beb..

usaha tangga kejayaan.. tp kalu nk sampai cepat, naik lif.. hahaha..


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