Saturday, June 13, 2009

the final days..

Mood : Handsome..

well, I just came back from a wedding reception at a friend of my mums house in Bandar Darulaman..
I ate........... a lot..
it only means one thing, longer exercise hours today!

so on to todays topic..
I was surfing on Myspace and Tagged and I happen to notice
a lot of boys / guys / men dressing up as women..
I honestly just don't get it..
why are these men so stupid??!!
it's clearly bad enough that the population of men is decreasing, but to have them turn into women?!
I mean, decent guys are already hard to come by these days..
don't these people know how disgusting that is?..
it is an eyesore, to other men and women alike..
I mean, being gay is one thing, but pretending to be a women?..
that just takes it too far..

and the worst part is, these shemales are proud of their current gender..
they advertise it in Myspace, Tagged or whichever accounts they have and post loads of pictures of themselves is scantily clad women clothing, while in seductive poses..
the SICK part is..
they get lots of comments and messages from men..
you read it right, MEN!!!!
weih, geli siottttt!!!!!!!!!!
this also applies to the women who became men..
gila creepy...

you might be wondering why I'm getting hyped about this topic..
I mean, other countries have these cross dressers right so why should this country be any different?..
well, here is why..

we are an Islamic country, Islam being our religion..
and the majority of the cross dressers are Muslims..
it is against our religion to become the opposite sex..
you have sinned and will continue to commit sins until you change your ways..
and if you think that your body is your business and only belongs to you, well think again..
your body and everything about you belongs to Allah S.W.T. and you are only his servant..
not just you, but also me and every living, breathing organisms on Earth or elsewhere for that matter, Aliens included..
Almighty Allah is our creator..
you will meet Him on Judgment Day, where we are destined to Heaven or Hell..
ask yourself, do you want to be in Hell for so long before you get to see the greatness of Heaven?..

and think about your parents..
how would they feel seeing you living a life of sin?..
it will just pain them to see you this way..
please change, not just for yourself, but also for your parents..

I don't care if I get the heat for this..
think of it as an eye opener for those who might have missed it..
if you have friends who are cross dressers, try to bring them to the right path..

p/s : to non-Muslims reading my blog, take note that not all Muslims are this way..
just some poor souls who wandered far from the right path..

shining star~~


Anonymous said...

err.... me thinks u meant orgaNIsms, rite?

Just_najmiE said...

uikss.. hohohoho..
my bad..
thanks for the correction.. (^^,)


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