Saturday, June 27, 2009

Schooling Days~~

Mood : uniform.. (o_0;;

this morning, I had to go to Napoh to pick up my sis, Intan from work..
it's half day today and tomorrow is holiday for her..
so she's coming home after so long~~
after I picked her up, we went to Wahida's school..
I know I know, it's a Saturday, but everyone's schooling today..
don't ask me why coz I don't even care..
school have passed for me weih..

well, the uncool thing that happened was, we had to wait for an hour for Wahida..
being a person who is concerned for the ozone layer, I turned off the car..
so there we were, in the car with the windows down, listening to my mp3, waiting for Wahida..
I was starting to get pissed..
but that changed when the children started piling out..
I turned on the cars ignition and closed the window..
Intan and I searched for a familiar face amongst the crowd, but we didn't see any..
the place was packed with children and parents..
cars, vans and motorcycles everywhere..
lotsa activities..
children finding parents, parents finding children, children playing with children, etc..
it was an awesome thing to witness though..
I took out my phone camera and started snapping pictures..
got a few pictures but they were of pis-poor quality..
and then I started cursing..
talking out loud to no one in particular, I said, "Damn it, I should have brought the digital camera."
Intan heard me and she asked, "Why would you need a camera?"
"To take pictures la.. this is fun to see how children react and play with their friends."
my hands were still busy snapping pictures, when suddenly she handed me her digital camera..
a smile spread over my face..
I quickly turned it on and looked for potential victims..
several clicks later, I asked her, "wait, did you bring the cabel?"
"of course I did.. Duh!"
"oh, okies.." and I continued clicking away..
below are the pictures I took during the long wait..
just so you know, all of them were taking from the comfort of my cushioned seat..
:D :D :D

(click da picture to enlarge it)

eager children waiting to be picked up by their parents..
but the guy looks bored.. :D

a view to my rear..
wait, which rear?..
I meant to the rear of the car..
traffic jam weih..

I really tried my best to get a picture of this girl..
isn't she the cutest?..
wait, I think she saw me..

my personal favorite are these two..
they are obviously related, brother and sister..
this goes to show that sisters do care for their brothers..

she's even leading him to cross the road, by pulling his hair..
talk about sibling closeness..

another kid I liked to observe was this girl..
she waited for her parents to come and pick her up for about an hour..
when we left, she was still there..
poor girl..
owh, btw, she's sitting on her pull-bag..
what do teachers teach these kids anyway?..

look at the tall kid..
she's only 11 years old, same like her friend who's holding the bottle..
but can you see the height difference?
talk about growth sprout..
:D :D

these two must be best friends..
they cling to each other like glue weih..
and check out the size of their bags!
could kill a dog or two..

a fight broke out!
call the police!!
it's serious... NOT!
them kids playing around to kill time I presume..

oooo, this kid is cute!
he keeps walking by the car every 2 minutes in an attempt to rid of his boredom..
I think he'll grow up handsome la..

a bit social too..

ain't he cute?..

anyways, we left the school compound around 1.50pm and headed home..
we were all famished..
time for some motherly love cooking..
bottoms up people!!
shining star~~


zetty said...

comel yerr pic budak2 nie...teringt plak zaman kanak2 dlu....hahahaha

Just_najmiE said...

kan2?.. comel bdk2 tu, mmg sibuk ambek gmbar diorg smpai ilang rasa marah kat adik sendri sbb lmbt..

best! (^^,)

sHaH said...

amek gambo tanpa kebenaran ye..

love those pic..

Just_najmiE said...

uii, ada la kebenara.. kebenaran diri sendiri..



Anonymous said...

takde keje... zazzzz
kekekekekkeke :P

Just_najmiE said...

uii, anon?..
sapa ek nh?.. huhuh~~

Wahida K said...

budak lelaki tu tak comel sgt la...
budak yang duduk dekat atas pullbag tu yang comel......

for every1 information....the tall girl and the other one who's holding the bottle is my friend....
same class.......

Silverleaf said...

baek nye kakak tu gune rambut je crossing the road...memg kakak contoh...hahahahha


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