Monday, June 22, 2009

OMG, really??!!

Mood : up close and personal

this is my 100th post..
I thought about what I wanted to write..
and it must be special..
it must be interesting..
it MUST be cool..
and I found it..
I'm gonna write about........


muahahaha.. :D :D :D

so last Thursday I went to the go-kart circuit, which you can check out by clicking [here]..
there was this guy..
he was talking to my sis, Wahida..
and the topic was.....
anyways, the dude asked how old I was and my sis said to guess..
do you know how old he thought I was?

18 weih!!
after SPM..

but seriously, do I really look that young?..

here is a picture of me when I WAS 18 years old..

and here is a recent picture of me, currently 21 years old..

I mean, I look older right?..
tell me what you think..
shining star~~


sHaH said...

makin lawa...
makin comey...
makin manis...

wen ur older...

ikhlas from me,

Just_najmiE said...

hahaha, really?..
thanks a lot shah!

and welcome to my humble blog..

Wahida K said...

nampak sama ja......
i din't know you kept your long ago photo.....


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