Saturday, June 20, 2009


Mood : what da......

I was supposed to go the gym today with Daphnee and Wahida today..
we got in the car and drove to the sports complex around 5.15 pm..
sadly the complex was closed today..
I guess it only opens 7 days a week when the semester starts..
we ended up going to the Varsity Mall instead..
and ate ICE CREAM!!
and we were supposed to burn off calories..
in the Uni Mart, while browsing items in the aisles, we saw and heard these boys talking stupidly in English..
I guess they figured out that Daphnee was a foreigner and wanted to show off their English..
I wouldn't really mind them talking in English, but they sounded like they were making fun of Daphnee and English itself..
it kinda pissed me off..
honestly la, malay mentality is so *&%@$#*!!

we headed home after that..
I thought of jogging for a while but my mum asked us to help her with the garden..
so from gym to ice cream to gardening..
what a twist ek?..

taking out weeds from the garden..

Wahida hard at work raking grass and what not..

the clean garden, thanks to us..

while typing this, I'm watching Super Junior on Music Bank..
they're singing Nora-ko..
fangirl scream!!

madness for a moment there..
well, I guess that wraps up todays post..
goodnight everyone!!
shining star~~

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