Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scary Place to Live

Mood : OMG!!

I was watching a trailer of 'The Incredible Hulk' on TV and I suddenly thought to myself,
"America is a scary place to live in.. lots of mutants running around.. not to mention psycho maniac killers.. I'm so lucky to be living in Malaysia.."
*inward smile*

I mean, think about it..
America has lotsa mutants..
the evidence are in these movies..

the guy in this movie was a mutant by birth, if my memory serve me right..
and then, the army injected a soldier with the mutant DNA and the guy turned into an evil mutant..
they ended up battling each other and the evil mutant died..
they also wrecked everything in their path, thus endangering the civilians..
the guy fled the country to live elsewhere, under the radar from the US Army..
am I missing anything?

aaah, Peter Parker, another mutant..
bitten by a spider, thus enabling him to have the power equivalent to a spider..
and to add drama, other people turn into mutants too..
and then they would fight and destroy buildings..
so the civilians end up getting hurt..
very dangerous weih..

another mutant story..
scary la..
they are immortal, live forever..
they freely kill other humans, the normal ones, like me and you..
aduhh, scary kan America?..

and then there are those who turned into experiments..
either for scientific reasons or military reasons..
but the end of it is, the humans are killed..
like the hollow man for example, he killed the girl inspector in the beginning of this story, just so he could get to the heroin of the movie..
I mean, is human life so invaluable?..

and America is so advance that robots are already among us..
and the future is so dark ahead, isn't it?..
a world where robots rule the Earth, and humans are sent to life in refuge..
talk about twisted..
I mean, if we already know our future, we don't have to study to a higher level coz we're gonna get killed by robots anyway, right?..
(just messing with you.. lol!)

and my all time favorite, the alien robots who can hide in plain site..
I mean, isn't it cool to have a car that can transform into a robot and protect you?..
but then again, it did bring lotsa death to the American Army..
I mean, they go and battle those alien robots to protect their country..
and the alien robots are way more powerful compared to the soldiers, am I right?
uwaaaa, but lotsa civilians also died..
so scary man..

can you see?..
America is a scary place to live in..
and I didn't even go into the psycho maniac killers on the lose everywhere..
have you seen the killings from CSI?..
scary weih!!!

I'm so glad I live in Malaysia, where it's safe..
am I right?..
shining star~~


kerol.. said...

malaysia pun sma gk lar wak...xslamat sy rs sluruh dunia nie xperlu takut pun..jnji kiter hidup ngn gmbira bersma kwn2 n family..hidup mati 2 Allah yg tntukn..hehehe...

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, I guess u have a point.. tp kita takdak la mutants cam amerika.. kita ada cicakman ja pon.. hahahaha!!

yep, family n friends come first.. (^^,)

sHaH said...

seriously, i'm proud to be MALAYSIAN!!!

owh, u forgot to mention 1 thing..

we have CICAKMAN in malaysia.

mutant yang kurus kering.


zetty said...

hahahaha...tue y syok dduk kat mlaysia nie...agak aman laa sbb cume ad cicakman y jaga kan...hehehehe

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, I'm proud to be Malaysian too!.. yep, kita cuma ada Cicakman ja, yg len smua normal.. hahaha!

Just_najmiE said...


yep, Malaysia aman kan, takdak robot dok lawan2 kat KL tuh.. kang ramai plak yg mati kan.. (^^,)

jd kesimpulannya, Malaysia negara yg aman dr mutant, kecuali cicakman.. hahahaha!

MISZ NaNa said...

oh lupe pulak kat malaysia ni jugak ade Kluang Man. Bukan mutant tapi hero yang sakit mental. XD

saye suka duduk malaysia jugak. tapi kenapa malaysia sekarang dah macam jadi tempat untuk pendatang asing?

Just_najmiE said...

misz nana..

kluang man tak dikira sbb tu katun.. klau real life cam cicakman bru dikira.. huhuhu..

pendatang asing ek?.. sbb Malaysia nih aman, so pakat2 la diorg melepak sini.. huhuhh~~ I'll post an entry bout that later.. klau rajin.. hahaha..

Judiene said...

i wish Malaysia have 4 seasons
autumn is the best!
flowers are everywhere


Just_najmiE said...


uwaaaa, lari topik nih.. hahaha!
yeah, I wish we have 4 seasons too.. autumn tu musim luruh la, flowers time spring.. hehehe..

Iszaham said...

kita kt Malaysia p0n sama gak. Makin byk laa mutant/dna-change like Cicak-Man, Bio-Nick, Kabir Hero Kabir Zero, Papaya n' etc.. So, sama jer.. cuma Amerika punya mutant lebih brutal-amazing-scary-wicked jer. :D

xkisah ar.. janji kita lebih "a better place than they're"

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

i lov to be malaysian

Just_najmiE said...


ahaha, kecuali cicakman, smua tu tak jd movie.. so tak temasuk.. kkekeke.. yep, American mutants are scarier.. hohoho~~

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, I love to be Malaysian too!..

EIPUL said...

diorang nak sangat kot jadik mutan. Omputih kan gila-gila masing masing. Haha

Just_najmiE said...


ahahaha, mungkin la kot noh.. mereka mmg gila begitu.. hak3..

noor afzan said...

malaysia is far far better than America in term of safety..
love malaysia..

Just_najmiE said...


yep, I love Malaysia too!

Wahida K said...

american mutant are really scary...

Malaysia is the best!!!!
kalau kat malaysia cicakman.......
cicakman bukan takut....tapi lawak
....yang jahat pun professor klon dengan twin bodoh tu.....huhuhuhu..

Negaraku aman.....yay!!!!!!

truly from,
your sister.

Just_najmiE said...

wahida K..

true dat! hohohoho~~


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