Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Being Alone So Wrong?..

Mood : Nerdy..

I went to the gym today..
but alone, coz Daphnee and her family went to KL..
I miss her..
I woke up early this morning and left the house around 8.30 am..
sent my mum to her office and continued my way to the gym..
I paid the fee, RM 2, and went inside the female gym..
someone was already in there, a foreign student..
I think she's from the Arabic states..
I was there from 8.45 till 10 am..
I sweated a lot, burned a lot of calories..
gila best..
it was lonely so I took out my mp3 and wore my headphone during the whole time at the gym..
but I couldn't take any pictures, coz I was busy with myself..
I nearly passed out, low blood pressure..
problematic tol la.. huhuhu..
but it runs in the family, so what can I do right?..

I went home and parked myself in front of my laptop, getting up only to do the laundry and cook lunch..
around 5pm, I went to pick up my mum from her office and we went to pick up my sister, Wahida from school..
next stop, the Wet Market..
mum was doing the purchasing while I was snapping away..
it was like photoshoot outing..
check out my pics..

mum buying fish..

the atmosphere at the Wet Market..

petai anyone?

veggies are good for your health..

I like this picture..
the colour pops and contrast each other..
awesomeness ain't it?..

this veggie I know not it's name..
who knows?

I also like this picture..
dirty but nice ek?..

nyum2, delicious kuih..
so hungry just looking at it..

a stray kitten..

another stray kitten..
hey look, my new sandals..

walking away~~
hey, don't leave me behind..

look, more veggies!!

it's been a year since I ate this..
and I ate like 10 pieces tonight..
now I'm all hot and my head is moving everywhere..

I also found this..
pirated VCD's..
they got Terminator and Transformers too..
but they're of piss poor quality, trust me..

here kitty kitty!!
kitty say, "I smell your plastic bag, you smell my butt, ok?"

well, that's all I can tell about my life today..
I'm thinking of going to the gym again tomorrow morning..
slimming down weih!!
adios awesome people!
shining star~~


Anonymous said...

najmie..akak suke pics longkang tuh. cantik. Angle yg agak baik. congrates!! ^_^v

Just_najmiE said...

cik nini..

hehehehe.. thank u.. tp masa kat market tu, ramai yg tgk najmie pelik coz dok ambek gmbr.. najmie wat slumber ja, tebalkan muka.. hahaha..

thanks kak!.. (^^,)

sHaH said...

u took those pics with wat camera?
it looks awesome..

lurve it!!!

Just_najmiE said...


thanks!.. (^^,)

ngan digital camkera Sony Cybershot, 7.2 mega pixels..
lom dpt DLSR lg.. I want Nikon D90.. but got no money to buy it.. (T_T)

owh, btw, the pics were photoshop-ed.. cantik kan?.. hehehe..

HIZAMI said...

byk betul pic disnap ye...


Just_najmiE said...


current obsession la.. mmg minat ambek gmbar, ngah perfecting the ways of taking pictures.. and editing.. ok la ek?..

thanks for dropping by!

noor afzan said...

pi wet market sambil snap pic..

tapi serius cantik2 belaka pic nyer..

awak dah kurus la saya tgk..
kalau kurus sgt x cantik maaa~

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha!!.. pakcik2 kat situ tgk sy dgn muka yg pelik sbb sy pegi sana dok ambek gmbar.. tp sy tebalkan muka ja.. haahha..

thanks ya!

n sy tak la kurus sgt, perut boncet sket.. hahaha~~

Story oF My LiFe... said...

fyi sayur 2 nme die peria...
wait2 if im not mistaken laa...
but pretty sure it is...
or not...

feshnie said...

Hehe, trying to level up on your photography skills. Looks great but the kitten scares me a bit. I got a shock when I first saw it.

The contrast is great and all. Positioning is fine.

Hey, teach me when I get back ok? They teach photography here but it's in the Graphic Design course.
Me thinks I should consider adding subjects in my future sems but its still under consideration. It's already hard with all the assignments and I only have 3 subjects now. Kuhahaha

Neways, take more awesome pics in the future and I hope you'll be able to get better in the future.

Wahida K said...

suruh wahida smell punggung kucing tu plak......
mana gambar anjing tu?

yamg pic wahida jalan ngan umi tu kan.....wahida nampak tiggi skit....huhuhuhuhuhu......

Just_najmiE said...


alamak aii, ingatkan ko tau konfem2 nama veggie tuh.. huhuhu~~

Just_najmiE said...


yeah. my skills are getting better nowdays but editting takes a while.. ufufufu~~

me thinks u should take photography too, coz it's a lot of fun!.. gotta save up for a DLSR though..

thanks for the wish of luck! (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


hahahahah!! it's just a caption.. ufufufu~~ I decided against putting in the dog.. the shots weren't really that pretty anyway..


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