Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm so COOL!! :D (episod 1)

Mood : hungry..

so I had been under the radar for the past 2 days..
the reason was, I went to my hometown, Jitra..
slept there for a night..
which allowed me and my sister, Wahida to go catch the hottest movie right now,
Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen..

and it was....


OMG, it really is NOT a waste of time or money..
and the movie theater was packed, all the way to the screen..
for whoever that haven't seen this movie, you should seriously head to the nearest cinema and buy yourself some tickets and see that movie..
coz it is totally awesome!!

well, we went to buy the tickets early, in case it ran out..
thank god there were still good seats..
when I went to buy popcorn, there were these guys..
erm, how should I say this..
they were oogling at me..
looking at me without blinking..
I checked myself in the mirror but saw nothing wrong with me..
I mean, I'm not wearing anything revealing so it was kinda weird to see people staring..
here's a picture..
I don't look weird right?

me with Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee..

I also went to Perlis last night..
the company I did part time last month was having a carnival thingy and my sister, Intan was supposed to supervise..
so she dragged me along..
we were wearing color matching outfits and I thought it was cute so I took a picture..

my sister and I~~

pink people.. huahuahua..

everywhere my sis and I go, guys ogle and stare, making kissy sounds..
my opinion, these guys are sooooo immature..
do they really think a girl would respond to those?..
I mean, seriously la..
girls don't respond to that..
well, maybe desperate girls would respond..
others would completely ignore you..
be brave and approach us la..

it's degrading when guys do that..
really really immature..

anyways, we drove back around 11.15 pm..
I didn't drive this time, my sis did..
and she drove really fast..
100km in a 70km per hour zone..
I keep telling her to slow down but she doesn't really listen to me..
we got home before 12..
a 60 km journey in 45 minutes..
laju kan?..
shining star~~


MISZ NaNa said...

u do not look weird dear...maybe diorang yg pelik sebab x pernah nmpk u kot!


XD sangat best transformers!

Just_najmiE said...

thanks nana.. (^^,)
mungkin la kot, jakun sungguh mereka.. :D :D :D

yep, transformers sgt best!!

zetty said...

lelaki memang mcm tue...memang x matang...diorg ingt pompuan nie cpt sgt cair bile diorg siol2 mcm tue...huhh jgn hrap....

Just_najmiE said...

hey zetty!.. yep, mmg tak matang kan?.. thanks for agreeing with me!!..
ada back-up.. yay!!
:D :D :D

Wahida K said...

transformer!!! jom tengok lagi...
seronok sgt.....kesian kat kak intan kita tinggal dia...huhuhu....


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