Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips for Awesome People~~

Mood : slim~~

since I had finished my studies in college, I have been at home for so long..
and most of you would know what people without much to do, would normally do..
*wtf.. confusing much?*

students on holidays tend to eat and sleep more, right?..
so we gradually increase our weight, at least 1kg heavier than when we started the holidays..
being someone who experienced that over and over again, I have found some tips that can help you to get back in shape, before the next semester comes..

here are 10 tips from me to help you get on track to losing weight..
they're in random order, btw..
hope it helps..
check them out!

1 . you don't need to go to the gym to lose weight.. it can be done in the comfort of your own home or room.. the idea is focusing on exercises relating to the heart a.k.a. cardio exercise.. do things that makes your heart rate go up.. try these..
1) jumping jacks
2) going up and down your staircase
3) doing push up or stomach crunches
4) dancing to your favorite songs! (it really can help you sweat!)

2. try doing sports, weather your favorite sport or just something new.. it allows you to sweat while doing something you love, or learning something new.. for instance, trying Tennis, Badminton, Football, Squash, Swimming, etc..

3. always eat breakfast before 9 am.. well, it can be later than 9 am, but the idea is not to miss your breakfast.. it's the most important meal of the day.. coz when you miss breakfast, you will get the urge to eat a lot in the night which will increase your weight faster because the body is less active at night..

4. don't stop eating your regular meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner.. it means that you can eat, but you must learn to cut down on the quantity of calories you consume.. but don't stop eating calories all together coz it is important for your energy consumption.. females should at least consume 1000 calories per day while males should consume 1500 calories per day.. it depends on your weight.. the heavier you are, the higher your calorie intake is..

5. eat your dinner before 7 pm.. this is because your body is still active during this period and more of the food you eat will be processed into energy for the body.. so the not-needed fat, calories and calcium will not be stored as excess fat on your tummy, thighs, calf's, etc..

6. use a smaller plate while eating.. when you use a bigger plate, you will tend to fill it up with your favorite foods that are loaded with saturated fats.. if you fill a smaller plate, the amount of calories are lesser compared to filling in a bigger plate..

7. help out your family with the garden.. you can sweat a lot and have an awesome looking garden at the same time!.. two-in-one benefits..

8. perform simple exercises that you think you can do regularly, at least once a day according to your own strength.. don't push yourself too much on your first try since it can tire your body and make you uninterested in doing it anymore.. make your daily exercise something you can look forward to, for your health and your weight problems..

9. it helps if you have another person doing these exercises with you.. it'll make losing weight more fun and also acts as a competitor for you.. make weekly bets, see who can lose more pounds in a week and the loser has to buy the winner ice-cream or etc. (but not too much calories please!) .. the other person helps create a healthy competition for a good cause, for the both of you..

10. and last but not least, you must really want to lose weight.. everyone can tell you to lose weight but they can't make you do the exercise.. coz the only person who can change you is yourself!.. you have to have the will power to change..

well, that's all the tips I can give for now..
but remember, losing weight doesn't have to be exhausting only, it can also be a lot of fun..
so go out there and have some fun!!!
shining star~~


sHaH said...

malasnyer nak wat..

Just_najmiE said...

klau malas takdak ubat la..
will power kena kuat..
u wanna lose weight, u have to work for it..

Kotak Hati said...

tapi cuti nie berat aku x naik pun??
i wan to get heavier!!

Just_najmiE said...

waaaa, tak naik berat?..
gila best!.. hohoho..
u wanna get heavier?..
go get Appeton Weightgain.. maybe you'll gain weight..
try la.. (^^,)

feshnie said...

You are so obsessed with losing weight. You're not even that big around the tummy.
If you keep losing weight, you're going to become underweight. I mean, think about it, us women need the right amount of fat to ensure we can carry a healthy offspring.
Don't push yourself too hard.
You look good already.

Just_najmiE said...

hey feshnie..
my tummy has increase recently.. muahahaha!!

I'm not gonna be underweight la, I'll be ok.. don't worry bout it.. hohoho..

and thanks for thinking I look ok already.. (^^,)

Wahida K said...

macam mana kalau seseorang tu suka lagu pelan2....kalau menari tak peluh sangat la......kekekekke...

bila ek kita nakpi swimming kat pusat komplek....susah sungguh nak jumpa satu swimming suit(muslimah swimming suit).....

wahida tak paham la yang no.5 tu.....

malasnya nak exercise......


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