Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I miss you!!! (T^T)

Mood : sad.. ;(

it's been only 4 days since I parted with my sister, Aini a.k.a. Feshnie..
and I've already missed her badly..
I hope she's doing fine in Cosmopoint..
I hope she gets along well with her roommates and apartment mates..
she lives in a condo btw..
awesomely built, has its own pool and guarded by security and all..
sadly, the security people tends to be foreigners, i.e. Pakistanians and Filipinos..
talk about cheap labour..
she lives on the 7th floor in the 17 floor building..
lucky number no?..

from now on, my sister shall be the student of Cosmopoint a.k.a. KLMU..
do da best lil sis!!..
and try to beat my CGPA..
lol.. clean competition..

I so miss her right now..
I wonder what she is doing this very isntant..
maybe she's drawing while sprawled on her bed..
maybe she's chatting with her roommates..
maybe she's eating biscuits..
or maybe..
she's sleeping on her bed, while drooling..
mianhae Aini!!

her are some pictures of her..
god I miss her..

posing for the camera..

amongst the greens..

these are pictures of her condo and apartment..

da condo..
notice the blue pool in front of the walking people..

us siblings trying to assemble the free wardrobe the college gave to new students..
I was blurred.. (~.~)
we spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out how to set that cheap thing up..
stupid manual..

notice the wardrobe with palm tree imprinted on it..
all our blood, tears and sweat went to completing that thing..
(over exaggeration)

bottom line is..
take care sis, we all love you..
shining star~~


Anonymous said...

Kuhahaha! A post dedicated to me! I'm so touched~ huhu.
I'm missing you guys a lot too.
At the moment, I'm at treetop's husband's family's house.

Just_najmiE said...

muahahahaha!!.. I thought you would read this.. kekekeke..
it's good to hear that you're eating well there.. but take care anyways, it's a big city, KL.. missing country life is it?.. muahahaha!!..
I was like that when I went to Malacca, but you'll get over it in a while, when you start getting busy with college work, trust me..

and don't forget to update your blog when you get the chance to, okies?..

feshnie said...



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