Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm so COOL!! :D (episod 2)

Mood : eh?.. what's that?

so the next day, which was today, I went shopping..
actually I was accompanying my mum..
she wanted to buy new shoes..
she bought a pair..
very cool and stylish..
and I ended up buying 2 pairs for myself..

after that, I accompanied my cousin to Alor Star..
she went to the bank, and I was left in the car..
I cam-whored for a while coz I was bored..

is that a naked guy crossing the street?.. :D :D

and then I got really bored so I did a video..
gila kebosanan kot..

check it out!!

omg, my face buruk la.. uwaaa~~
but it get's better if you play the vid..
oh, n sorry for the non-stop blabbing!

:D :D

anyways, I was holding my camera when we passed the castle..

cool isn't it..
all yellowish.. ufufufu~~

so my sister, Kak Ijah, all the way in KL wanted me to a post picture of my niece and her mum..
here's my niece with my cousin..

ain't she cute like her aunt?..
she just turned 6 months..

here's a video of her dancing..
her name is Quratul Ain, btw..

I also snapped a pic with the present sensation..
but I couldn't get her autograph..


she did drool on me..
does that count?..
:D :D :D

models wannabe..

we got home around 4.30 pm..
I was changing my clothes when I noticed my arm..
semakin teruk!

kan kan?..
it's blackish now..

well, I guess that's all for now..
thanks for reading, you're awesome!!
you know who you are..
shining star~~


Kotak Hati said...

biasela tu..
kalo dh bosan..
bergambalah jawabnye..hi3

EIPUL said...

comelnye your niece. Hehe

Just_najmiE said...

to shazwan.. yep, true dat..
photography is fun dowh.. hahaha!

Just_najmiE said...

to eipul.. yep, dia sgt comel.. mcm mak teh dia.. hahaha!

zetty said...

cute laa your niece....n apsal lengan??..kene dera kee??hehhe

Just_najmiE said...

zetty.. hahaha!.. dia mmg sgt comel mcm aunty dia.. kan3?.. hahaha.. prasan jap.. ufufufu~~

lengan tu sbb memanah arituh.. teruk kan?.. (T_T)

Wahida K said...

ala.....dia bukan comel macam aunty dia lah.....macam mak dia....
ofcourse la kan......

kak kerun membebel apa huh?
pasal transformer tu yang wahida tau yang lain tak sangat.....

kesian dekat kak kerun......
lengan tu sakit sangat2 ka?


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