Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I got awards?.. thank you, thank you! XD

Mood : content..

I got new followers..
I've been blog walking all day, and I found some awesome blogs too..
I followed some of the blogs I walked into..
I also stumbled into ridiculous blogs, with hard to read texts..
I mean, what's the point of blogging if people don't understand what you're trying to tell?..
it seriously defeats the purpose of blogging..

anyway, this post is to tell you awesome bloggers that I have received my very first award..
and it's from my new found friend, Key-One!
so thanks gal! =D

she lives here :- http://keyone90.blogspot.com/
so pop in and check out her home!
(promote blog member jap.. muahahaha!)

here are meh new awards!!

I like this one..
I'm friendly~~
and it matches my blog theme too..
and naruto looks so kawaii~~

dunno bout this award though..

this I can relate to..
I loveeeee blogging!
eBlogger rocks!

I'm best of da best..
gila prasan..
ignore my insanity please.. XD

however there are some rules to collect this award..

1. you have to make a post about this award at your blog
2. inform readers who gave you this award plus the persons' blog link
3. give this award to 5 of your friends
4. go to your friends blog and inform them that you have given them this award
5. repeat the actions done by the person who gave this award to you

aiyohhh, 5 rules to follow..
I never liked rules, what to do?..

the 5 people I wanna give this award to is :-
Double A Battery
Axid Rain

you guys ROCK!!!
shining star~~


A'a said...

woohoo i got an award! but whic award eh? haha

MISZ NaNa said...

wow! so many award! hehe~

Just_najmiE said...

to A'a :-
you can have all 4!..

to nana :-
yeah, totally!.. nk jgk ka?.. :D

sHaH said...

tahniah dapat award..
nak award gak!!!

Just_najmiE said...

hahaha, thanks!!
yeah sure, you can have this award!!
:D :D

feshnie said...

Eh? I have to blog about this award?
Which award did I get anyway?

Just_najmiE said...

you get all of them!!

Wahida K said...

hey.....how about me....nak gak....
owhhhh....tak achii......


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