Friday, June 19, 2009

New Experiences..

Mood : Happy with friends..

yesterday was a fun day..
first of all, I had my very first taste of French pancakes, made by Daphnees dad..
it was awesome!!
now I know how to make french pancakes..

the pro.....

French pancake..
but you have to add jam or honey in the middle..
then you roll it like this..

there's strawberry jam in the middle..
I ate a bite before remembering to snap this picture..

after that, we went to the go-kart circuit and rode twice!
5 laps each..
and the circuit was huge!
international standards weih..

ready to race..

me and Dahpnee at the starting line..

after that, we went to see the horses..
I wanted ride the horse but the guy in charge told me that in order to ride the horse, I have to take lessons..
10 lessons for RM 200..
gila mahal kot..
so I settled with just taking a picture..
meet Texas, everybody!!

aren't you handsome..

I'll be going to the gym at 5..
gonna sweat some pounds off me..
shining star~~

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