Thursday, August 6, 2009

H1N1 POSITIVE??!! (o_0'''

Mood : grey..

I went to the UUM clinic yesterday after I couldn't get up from bed after Subuh prayers..
my head was spinning, and I had my math class at 8am..
will I have the energy to make it?..
sadly, no..
I slept that morning, unable to move much due to lightheadedness..
the world was unbalanced, or was it just me?..
I got back my energy around 11.30am, got up and cleaned myself..
my head was still dizzy, but bearable..
my mum asked if I had the energy to go to the clinic, I said yes..
I ironed my baju kurung and went to the clinic around 2.20pm, wearing a mask..
the road was a bit fuzzy, but I drove anyway..

I got there around 2.30 and registered..
the number on the block was 209..
I looked at my number..



weih, kau biar betik?!
dem, kena tunggu..
I waited like a log there, sitting, then slumping in my seat, folded my feet up, etc..
I didn't have my earphone with me nor a good book..
dem dem dem!!!
kenapa aku tak fikir nak bawak buku??
apesal semua orang sibuk nak sakit time aku sakit??
aku tau la aku femes, takyah la nak sama-sama sakit sebab nak jumpa aku..
siot tol..
dem dem dem!!

my head started to spin around..
I nearly fainted twice..
seriously, I'm not lying..
I registered at 2.31pm, I saw the doctor around 4.15pm..
cuba kau kira brapa lama..
lama kau tahu??
dem dem dem!!

it was a good thing the doctor was still in a good mood eventhough there was about 300 patients per day now..
he was nice, and he remember who I was..
being a daughter of a senior lecturer has its advantages..
he checked if I had a fever, which I didn't..
he took my blood pressure, and that's where the problem started..
he did it three times, not believing the results..
my blood pressure was dangerously low..
he asked if I was feeling dizzy, I said yes..
did you know that it is dangerous to drive with low blood pressure?..
it's equivilant to driving while you're drunk..
you could pass out anytime..

he did a few more tests, probbing here and there..
thank god there were no needles..
he finally announnced that I was free to go..
he did add however, that if I had a fever, I would he held back and quarentined..
I didn't know it was that serious..
so, Alhamdulillah, I was allowed to leave..
he gave me some medicine and told me to avoid crowded areas..
I might pass it to others, whatever 'IT' is..

for now, I'm just thankful I'm still alive..
shining star~~


Igniz said...

munumlah 100 plus. minuman pemberi tenaga yang hebat!:)

Silverleaf said...

then how did u get home?...the doc said not to drive right?...

Just_najmiE said...


I'm ok now.. (^^,)
but thanks for dropping by!..

Just_najmiE said...


errrr, I drove.. hahahaha!! got no choice, I went alone so I had to go back alone..

sha89 said...

perghh kna tggu 70++ org dulu? gilerr rmai beb...

sabo jelah...skrg ni sane sini org sakit...nsib baik ko ok kn...

jge kesihatan btul2 :)

Just_najmiE said...


mmg giler ramai, ramai pun tak giler camtu.. hahahaha..

tulah pasal, alhamdulillah.. (^^,)

thanks babe!

imHepPie said...

cmna skang da ok ke??
huhu hav a gud rest oke??

mkn itu obat smpai abes taw..huuu
nnti da sehat ley ar kita kuar tgk wyg lak hik3..

GreenKhadijah said...

i just read your blog and the entry title were a bit alarming don't u think so? Well anyway, how are u now? I could message u right now but just to filter your comments that I decided to wait for u to reply here...hahahaha
Hope u have felt better now...
C u one day from now...

:) Smile Always

Just_najmiE said...


skrg dh ok, Alhamdulillah.. tp pening2 tuh still ada la.. hehehe..

yuckkk, obat tak sedap, dadah tuh!.. mkn skit2 sudaa.. hehehe..

tgk wayang?.. nk belanja ek?.. jom2!! (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


that's kinda the point, isn't it?.. hahaha.. (^^,)

I feel better now.. hope ur husband is also better too..

c u one day from now too.. lalala~~

smiling now.. :D :D :D

messyremo said...

lame giler kne tunggu~~

dah tu ko buat pe lame2 tunggu..

naqiubex said...

Girl.. that is dangerous.. Do you get enough nutricions?

Just_najmiE said...


melanggut ja la kerjanya.. huhuhu.. gila bosan dowh..

Just_najmiE said...


errrrrrrr, good question.. hehehe.. I get it, but maybe not enough la kot..

I should do something bout that huh?.. (^^,)

feshnie said...

yo! What's with the scary title?!
People over here have weak hearts.

Hey, hope you get better by the time I reach home. Take better care of yourself

Just_najmiE said...


muahahahahaha!!.. just wanted to grab some attention..

I'm feeling better already right now, so don't u worry ya sis?.. come back safely, can't wait for ur return! oh, and ur room is still messy.. malas nk kemas.. hahahaha.. :p


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