Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a walk in ghost town

Mood : famished..

it seems that my previous post was not well accepted by everyone, including the Anons..
honestly speaking, I'm not that bothered..
because everyone has their own opinion and a way of thinking..
I'm not saying anyone is stupid, but just diverse..
no one is perfect, me included..
but we can always try, isn't it?..

the conclusions from the previous post,

men must respect women and women must respect men..


a good woman will protect her dignity, a bad woman would not..

anyone want to add more self conclusions?

on to todays post..

last Monday, I went to an Equin talk, or at least tried to..
when I got there, there was no one else..
hampa siot, walking like 2km, back n forth from COB to Pusat Kegiatan Pelajar..
jauh kau tahu?..

but I guess it was worth it, coz I got some really cool shots..
since it's mid term holidays, most of the students return to their hometowns..
the campus looks and feels like a ghost town, like seriously..
well, here are some shots of UUM..

the water fountain in front of Canselori..
I don't know why it was on..

the deserted walkway to Varsity Mall and Pusat Kegiatan Pelajar..

got there, saw no one..
waited for 20minutes, walked back to COB..

I passed the same fountain again..
some plantations..

the library..
very very very few people..

the famous walkway students use to get to class..
abandoned and alone..
no one behind, no one in front..

the imfamous LEGO cafe..
usually packed, now is deserted..
very few people here..

so Universiti Utara Malaysia is officially a ghost town for now..
come by and we'll have a ghost party..
now I have to focus on my assignments n studying..
got some tests after this..

pray for my success!
shining star~~


nihin iz said...

yeaahh sangat panas perbincangan di another post wpun tinggal kejap je blog ni dan tadi bila bc balik all the comments whoaahhh.. huhuhu, so we never can satisfy anyone, saya rasa kita smua just point our opinion kan.. hohohoho

pastukan UUM nampak sangat besar,, even bigger than my U ahahaha.. or mungkin sbb x da orang.. btw i love d water fountain.. hihihi sangat besar okay.. hhehehehe jeles jeles..

Silverleaf said...

hmmm think i'd been there in lego cafe...maybe its other was years ago when i was in sem was convocation week if not mistaken.....

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, we can never satisfy everyone sbb setiap org ada prinsip tersendiri.. tp takpa, kita kenalah open n cuba memahami prinsip diorg bukan?.. dan jgn marah2, sbb agak tak matang lah kalau marah2.. huhuhu..

oh, UUM sgt besar.. kalau bejalan, sgt lenguh kaki.. dan dewan kuliah merata2 dan boleh menyebabkan student sesat.. hohoho.. yes2, fountain itu sgt besar, boleh berenang kupu2.. hahaha.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


eh, really?.. penah sampai UUM?.. who's convocation?.. oh, lego cafe is really famous here in UUM because it's in the middle of Dewan Kuliah.. if you're coming back here for a visit, tell me ya! (^^,)

imHepPie said...

lego cafe ada itu menan lego ke??i sukeeee hik3..

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha.. taklah, just nama ja lego.. agak pelik la sebnarnya, tp nak wat camana, dah dinamakan begitu.. (^^,)

naqiubex said...

Well... to me...
Respect is good..
But to get people to respect us..
We must earn that respect..

Not to tell people to respect us..

To earn that respect?
Do good things.. bla bla..

Some people sometimes don't deserve our respect.. either its a girl or boy...

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, that's true.. we can't tell a person to respect us, it must be earned..

thanks for sharing.. (^^,)

ezany said...

wow.. sgt indah ghost town ni.. teruja jer tgk..

Just_najmiE said...


hahahaha, kan2?.. mmg best woo, takdak org pun.. ambek gmbar tgah jln pun org tak tau.. hahaha..

sha89 said...

weyuu~ cntik pemandangn die...even dh jdi ghost town~haha~

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, mmg sgt cantik.. best lalu kwsan nih time penuh dgn manusia, tp takut kena h1n1 pulak.. hohoho..

kerol said...

hehehe...ghost town ka??nmpk cm cntik jer tmn...nie lar u yg mnepati piawaian kmtrian...u dlm tmn..huhuhu...anywy,u look so cute with the headphone...huhuhu...

Just_najmiE said...


mmg cantik U nih.. best2.. hehehe.. thanks.. (^^,)


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