Sunday, August 30, 2009

godzilla and superman

Mood : class mode

title has no connection with the entry what-so-ever..
wake up wake up!!!!!!!!
go take your bath, you've got class in half an hour..
demmmm, malas siot nak pegi kelas kul 8..
I just got back from Maesha's house..
slept there last night coz we had a sleepover, Malaysian style..
watched the horror movie, Mirror on DVD with them..
before that I went to EDC Hotel..
I ate everything in sight..
gila kenyang kau tahu?..
ntah2 naik 3 kilo..
hohohohoho, mintak simpang la..
I wanna slim down to fit into my raya dress..

today Daphnee, my French neighbour and her family are moving out..
I'm gonna miss them so much, especially Daph..
her craziness is the best..

take care Daph, we'll miss you a lot..
don't forget to come back to Malaysia and visit us here okay dear?..

we love you..
shining star~~

p/s :- I only managed to study a bit last night for my quiz at 5pm today..
and I also got SIFE meeting tonight at 8pm..
best kan?..


miss oren said...

ponteng je kelas..hahaha

Just_najmiE said...

woahhh, agak advance.. hahaha..

Ejay said...

so how's ur quiz?
doing well?

Just_najmiE said...


funny story.. takdak pun quiz ptg smlm.. lecturer save questions dlm powerpoint 2007 tp computer dlm klas tuh leh bukak powerpoint 2003 ja.. selamatttttt.. hehehe..

so sempat lg nak study.. quiz ari Rabu nih..


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