Monday, August 24, 2009

part 1:- I'm cranky now.. bite me!

Mood : sleepy.. (-_-)zzzzZ

it's 12.45am and I'm still awake..
somebody please bash me on the head!!
I should be asleep right now, getting some shut eye for tomorrows class..
yeah, you read it right, CLASS..
ughh, I'm still in holiday mode..
have to change that sooner than I thought..

health has currently been an issue of concern for my family these past few days..
with all the coughing, sneezing, fevering and whatnot..
well guess what, I have another health problem to worry about..
it seems that my youngest sister might develop the chicken pox a.k.a. demam campak..
truth be told, I've never had it since I was born, and I'm trying to keep it that way..
hell, I'll even admit that I'm scared of it!!
people were left with awful scars postmortem to catching that terrible disease, and I want none of it!
I just hope my anti-bodies are strong enough to fight it, or else I'd be bedridden for quite sometime..
wait.. that doesn't sound so bad..
sleeping in bed all day not doing anything..
no no no NO!!
absolutely NOT!!
I DON'T want to get the chicken pox..
please ALLAH, please help me..

on another different topic..
I'm feeling mix emotions about a good friend of mine..
he's a guy, obviously..
the thing is, he always text me everyday on my HP, being nice and all..
the last time I talked to him was yesterday, around this time..
what was so peculiar was, he didn't reply my text throughout this whole day, not even once..
I called his Hotlink number, like 7 or 8 times, but nobody picked up..
my 4 text msgs were left unreplied..
did something terrible happened to him?..
is he injured?..
is he ok?..
I don't know!..
around sundown, 7.10pm I think, I called his Celcom number..

"hello?" came the answer..
I almost cried.. it was great to hear his voice again..

"hello.. sihat?.. dah ready nak bukak puasa ka?.."
"a'ah, kat kedai makan dah nih.."
"owh, ok.. selamat berbuka puasa.."
"selamat berbuka puasa jugak.."
"ok, bye.. assalamualaikum.."
"bye, w'salam.."

that's all he said..
no explaination whatsoever..
why didn't I ask him?..
because he should have told me why without being asked..
I thought something bad had happened to him..
well, it's good to know he's fine..
but I guess it wouldn't have hurted to give me the heads up if you were busy..
that way I wouldn't have wasted the whole day being worried..
well, no use crying over spilled milk..
what's done is done..
now all I have to do is payback..
not gonna return his msg or phone calls..
that's what you get mister!
yes, I'm petty that way, take it or leave it..
I'm sure he's not bothered if I fell down the stairs, broke my arm, or hit by a bus pun kan?..
so he won't worry bout me..

but would you guys worry bout me?..
I'll love you if you do..
shining star~~


sHaH said...

complicated nih..
tdo la najmie..
esok ada kelas..
lg 1, org yg tak penah dpt chicken pox is most likely dpt unless ur body immune kuat.
so pepandai la bawak diri ye..

ezany said...

kena pakai mask la g kelas camni.. :p

mungkin fon maxis dia tu tinggal kat umah kot.. xpun mungkin ade sbb lain.. ntah la.. yg penting kte kena bersangka baik.. :)

messyremo said...


giler r..

aku pnh wat BK risau..

siap suh org lain tolong carikan aku~~
aku masuk hosp lak tu..
lagi ler die risau~~hehe

Wahida K said...

of course we would be worry if anything happen to you....DAAAA!!!!!!

your the one who makes funny things even funnier in this family beside i don't really anything gonna happen to is just me...but i don't wanna have scar.....why i have to have chicken pox..... huhhuhuhu~~~
and i don't think your gonna have chicken pox because your strong....

Just_najmiE said...


yeah..sure.. whatever.. hurm.. thanks..

Just_najmiE said...


k.. tp still takdak penjelasan dr dia.. so how?..

Just_najmiE said...


pergh, lagik dasyat tuh.. huhuhu..

Just_najmiE said...


awww, u're so sweet.. (^^,)
no, I think I could have the chicken pox coz my immune system is really low right now.. but I do hope I don't get it.. hurm.. but thanks..

Silverleaf said...

of course we gonna worry at all.......we gonna sob our eyes out if anything happened to u...

Just_najmiE said...


I love u.. hahaha.. thanks for caring bout me.. (^^,)

miss oren said...

waaa..better be carefull sbb x pnah kene chicken pox..

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

wuwuwuwu, tulah pasal.. ngah takut nih.. T___T

Firol said... macam krisis hati je...

fitriah said...

get well soon dear! :)

Just_najmiE said...


erm, krisis ka?.. taklah.. sesi merajuk ja.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...


awww, I feel so loved!!.. thanks dear.. (^^,)

EIPUL said...

kalo tak silap aku semua manusia akan kena chicken pox. huhu.

aku kena pun masa aku form2. seksa betul gatal2 satu badan. LOL

EIPUL said...

aku pun tak suka aku msg orang tapi dia tak balas. Dah lah tak balas, tak bagitau reason pulak tu.

mnemang nak kena gigit tau orang camni. kahkah

Just_najmiE said...


mmg la, smua org akan kena, tp aku taknak weih.. wuwuwuwu.. T___T

Just_najmiE said...

eipul yg comel lg..

eh, ko tolong gigit dia utk aku bleh?.. hahaha.. XD XD XD

imHepPie said...

hahah...majok eh..bagos gak skali skala..ngeh3...

still in olidei...besh2..hik3..

Just_najmiE said...


olidei?.. apakah itu?.. sejenis makanan barat kah?.. hhaahaha..

feshnie said...

Friendship issues~
Thou shalt not interfere.
...and am I the only person in this whole wide world who thinks keeping daily tabs on close friends troublesome?

It's like...let the guy live a day to himself. Maybe he's got issues he doesn't wanna talk about and was pondering about it for an entire day.

Nk kecik ati cpt sgt napa? Len la klau smpai 3 hari x contact.

It was just a DAY....
*deep sigh*
and he's not even your boyfriend.

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, that's true.. he's not.. he's someones elses boyfriend now.. sigh..

Azie Nazri said...

perhaps he was busy?

but yea, the silent treatment does work, sometimes.


hey take care there.

Just_najmiE said...

azie nazri..

I thought he was mine, but I was kinda disappointed when he told me he got himself a girlfriend last night.. but I guess it's my loss.. nevermind, as long as he's happy..

thanks, I love u for caring.. hehehe.. (^^,)


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