Friday, August 28, 2009

busy day ahead..

Mood : beyond sleepy

I just returned from a SIFE meeting..
Aaron and the others wanted to bring me to DPP Muamalat to have an early Sahur but I declined..
the were all hungry and Aaron keep saying the work Sahur over and over again..
he really likes the word..
he said it makes him feel hungry and thinks it tastes like McD burger..
hehehehe, so comel ok?
I'm very sleepy right now..
got loads of work to do since I'm the secretary for a mega project for SIFE..
I might not update as frequently as I am right now..
don't miss me too much ya?..

oh, I gotta go to sleep..
I have a group disscussion tomorrow at 10.30am..
plus an interview for Youthciti crew team at 3pm..
also will be breaking my fast in Jitra..
have to rush there at 6pm after mum finishes her class..
and also buy some stuff for me tomorrow night..
ooh, also got to study for my quiz this Sunday..
uwaaaa, so busy meh!!!
should I feel stressed?

enough to keep my head occupied..
maybe I have to take a break from guys..
focus on my studies and assignments..
yeah, that's what I'll do..
well, I'm off..
time to sleep!!
gotta wake up in 2 hours for sahur..

night awesome people!!
or is it morning?
shining star~~


Silverleaf said...

ohhh full schedule ahead...and u just recovered from a cough...take care of urself...drinks a lot of H20 for sahur.....don't dehydrated urself...

k.A said...

wow.busy nya. ala2 career woman la kan.heheh. bukak pose dekat BDA ada char koay teow sedap dengan secret recipe! eh, hari tu pegi karoke jamban dekat jitra mall. maju dah jitra sekarang dengan wayang and bowling pon ada.hohoho.

Anonymous said...

law rasa2 tak nak sahur.. bantai je tito.. huu~~~

Just_najmiE said...


thanks dear, I will, insyaallah.. but I'm more hungry during sahur compared to thirsty.. hoho..

but thanks anayway.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


bukan career woman meh, student.. hohoho.. woh, char koay teow kat situ mmg sedap!!.. secret recipe takyah ckp la, dh konfem sedap.. hehehe..

oh, karok jamban tuh.. boleh la, sekadar nk pekik2.. hehehe.. yeah, mmg dh maju.. jom2, bila nak jumpa nih?.. hehehe.. k.A nak belanja secret recipe kan?.. tak pun pizzahut.. hahaha.. :p

Just_najmiE said...


taklehhhh, bangun jgk sebab lapar.. hahaha..

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

oh sabar2,jgn pengsan sudah!

Just_najmiE said...

si lampu neon..

wohh, belum2.. hehehe...


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