Tuesday, August 4, 2009

if I DON'T get this, I'll DIE.. (T_T)

Mood : in need of...

there's a Pikom PC Fair at UUM from 3rd to 6th August..
I'm planning on going to the fair tomorrow with Daphnee around 1pm..
anyone wanna come?..

I so want this..

a portable/external 250GB hardisk..
estimated price, RM 200..

it doesn't have to be Vaio, any brand would do..
I just want it so bad..

anyone wanna give any donation?..
shining star~~


kerol said...

nk donations kna dftr dlu cik??hehehe...

Adeqq said...

rugiii... kat Lowyat 500GB hanye RM290.. so, rugi sangat kalu awk beli 250GB dengan RM200..

Just_najmiE said...


kena daftar??... uwaaaaaa!!! (T_T)

Just_najmiE said...


alohh, murah siott.. tp kan, masalahnya.. klau rm200 pun tkdak, camana nk ada rm290?.. wuwuwuwu.. (T_T)

imHepPie said...

huhu...elaun pama kan ade..hik3 pnjam ar wahaha

Just_najmiE said...


aritu handphone pun pkai elaun tu, nk pinjam lg, parah ar.. hahahaha... tulun la dermakan.. (^^,)

feshnie said...

ne, klau kat lowyat lg murah baik kumpul duit dlu. I can help buy it for you. Lowyat dkt ja ikut tren
gila weih, 500GB utk harga tu.
Even mine is more pricy and it was just 160GB.
Owh, if you're insistent on buying it at Pikom, make sure it comes with the shirt. It's important for it to come with the shirt.

Just_najmiE said...


I find it bizarre that u wrote that comment in Malay.. (o_0;;

hahaha.. maybe, dunno yet.. I haven't gone to the fair yet, will do at 2pm.. wait, what shirt are u talking about?..

EIPUL said...

aku pun nak beli external, tapi ekonomi tengah gawat ni. Takde bajet untuk beli benda-benda gini.

tapi Adeqq, serious ke 500gb rm290 je?

murah glor!!!!!

pose menangis sedu-sedu sekejap.

Just_najmiE said...


laptop aku dh berat dowh, penuh gmbar dr digicam.. tu yg nk beli portable hardisk.. hohoho..

aku tiru ko lah, pose nanges sedu-sedu2.. hahahaha..

Phieqa Aziz said...


Just_najmiE said...


hehehehe.. thanks.. (^^,)

Eazy Izzuddin said...

i already have it
i have 2
u want some?

vaio is only da cover lorh
mane2 cover pun bole dpt

Just_najmiE said...


u have two?.. me want me want!! bak la satu.. uwaaaa~~ (T_T)

feshnie said...

It's a cloth that covers the thing. I dunno, usually if you buy it, you get it.
It's to protect the hd and lessen the impact incase it falls or something. I'm not sure if it can be bought separately but I think it can also be made on your own.
Mine came with the box but it's not so thick so I still have to take EXTREME care.

External hd are very,very fragile and considering it'll contain your whole life in there(major exaguration) maybe you should find a thicker shirt.

Abg Hafiz's friend showed me the other day, an hd that has good protection but the shape is kind of different. more box like and small than the one you showed.

Ah, I've said too much.
Think well before you buy it! There's still many others that are way cheaper.

PS: yeah, I shock myself too.

nihin iz said...

Long time not posting here.. ehehe but truthly i did read ur blog tapi x smpat comment..

btw, agak terkejut dgr berita 500g dapat harga tu.. may b pandai cari kot.. hohohoho..

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, I got what u're trying to say.. I went to the Pikom PC Fair and was greatly disappointed.. I thought that it was huge, with lots of stalls n booths, but in reality, there were only about 50 stalls.. dissapointment really.. and not much choices.. bummer..

I checked the price for HD, 250GB for RM255, 500GB for RM370.. mahal gila.. huhuhu.. I think I'm gonna ask u to find me an HD in LowYatt when I have the money..

Just_najmiE said...


hey, I've been wondering where u went.. I can't access ur blog.. can I have ur current URL?..

yep, RM 290 utk 500GB sgt murah.. hohoho..

nihin iz said...

yeah i did privatised my blog week ago sbb masalah dengan emosi.. kuang3x tapi public da balik..

sorry sorry sambil perform sorry sorry in front of u.. lolx.

Just_najmiE said...


aahhhh, I see.. huhuhu.. no2, cannot2.. belanja me makan la.. hahaha..


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