Tuesday, August 25, 2009

part 2:- the reason why..

Mood : speechless..

did you read the previous post?..
you better read it first before proceeding..

he finally told me where he went last night..

he got himself a new girlfriend..
who happens to be jealous of our friendship..
I don't know where they met..
I don't know if they're in love..
I don't know anything about the girl..

I'm dying to know, but I'm holding back..
I'm just a friend..
better keep it to myself..

his girlfriend told him he can't be friends with me anymore..
he said No, he still wanna be friends with me..
he wants someone to talk to, a girls opinion and perspective..
but I said No, I don't want any enamies..
she already knows of my existence, she might come after me..
don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid..
I have a black belt in Taekwondo for God's sakes, I can kick anyone if I want to..
but the thing is, I don't want to ruin a relationship between two people..
someone has done it to me, and I know how hurt that feels..
I don't want to do the same thing to the girl..

yeah, my heart aches..
I lost my best friend..
and guss what?..
I loved him..
demm, padan muka kau, Najmie..
padan muka..
dia dah pegi baru kau tegedik2 nak ada feeling..
masa dia tegila-gilakan kau, kau jual mahal kan?..
sekarang baru padan muka kau..
*deep sigh*

can't get his cute laugh out of my head..
Kerol, I know you'll be reading this..
I want you to know, I pray for your happiness..
remember when you told me about your dream?..
you said if it ever came true, you'd let me go coz you wanna see me happy?..
well, now I'm letting you go, to be happy..
I'm not gonna be selfish and keep you for myself..
I'm gonna be happy when you're happy..
I want you to find your happiness..
don't forget to fast, and I hope you have a colourful Ramadhan ahead..
you've been the greatest friend I could ever ask for..
thank you for coming into my life..
it's been a pleasure knowing you..
take care ya, and look after your health..
guess you left me after all huh, like everyone else?..
take care, Kerol..

I'll always miss you..
emo shining star~~


Silverleaf said...

ohh no darling u shouldn't gave up...if u really treasure the friendship..the love....u shouldn't...u donno for sure dat he'll be happy with dat girl..heck m not sure wat m talking about...but wat i wanna say is don't give up before u try.......common najmie....u shud have black belt in the heart not just that material belt....go on....strive for ur happiness...i can't guarantee dat u'll be happy with him....no human can....but don't let urself be wondering with "what if".....

Adeqq said...

biasela tu.
just remember this girl..
"if u love someone, let him go. if he come back to u, he is meant to be yours"
cheer up girl!

Just_najmiE said...


wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu~~~~~~ T_____T

Just_najmiE said...


I don't think he'll come back.. coz he's stubborn, kinda like me.. he's not coming back.. T__T

Jard The Great said...

peminat DBSK jugak ke? ehehehe..

Just_najmiE said...

jard the great..

minat, tp lebih minat pada SuJu.. hehehe..

intan said...

i know it...!i know it...!well...thats the answer to my silent question..heheh..cheer up sis...i'll give u a hug when i get back home k....there still lotsa guys out there for u..just let him go..who knows maybe there someone more nice-er and more better than him...insyaallah...ade hikmah disebalik semua nie...like what mum always told us...never give up...!

miss oren said...

nak cakap benda yang same cam adeqq tu..if u love someone, let him go. if he come back to u, he is meant to be yours"

but if he x come back to u..pasrah je la

Just_najmiE said...


what silent question?.. hurm, kena siasat nih.. huhuhu.. thanks, come home soon.. T__T

yeah, the hikmah is, he's happier without me.. I know.. thanks..

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

baikk, I'll try my very best utk pasrah, coz he's never coming back.. thanks dear..

sHaH said...

payahnye bile BFF kite dapat gf pukimak macam tu...
nape nak restrict balak dia kawan ngan sesape?
tak paham aku...
rasa macam nak sound je gf dia tu..
si kerol tu plak, ngikut jek...

(emo la plak.. kalo nak delete, delete la... hehehehe... kurang pahala posa arini..)

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, it hurts.. nevermind, benda dah berlaku, so I have to accept it right?.. hurmm..

hehehe, nevermind, thanks for ur concern..

~aisya kawaii~ said...

huhuhuu.. i think u guys talking about me... hash gak la comments yg ur fwen post ni....sampai ade yg ckp i ni pukimak?.. isk2.. saba jek laa...

xpe.. bln pose ni xelok mrh2.. saba2...

fyi my dear sis, i never asked kerol supaya xkwn ngn u lgsg...i juz a lil jeles when he always keep mention ur name.. dats all..

he did mention dat u tulis blog psl de...so, xsangka lak, im da black sheep of dis story.. huhuhu..

sowy if de ade wat sumthing yg wat u rs sedey... i pn pmpn gak.. i noe ur feelin'... i xla kejam sgt nk gelak kn u sedey sampai cm 2 ( afta i bc ur posts.. rs mcm kecewa yg parah.. =| )... so, kt sini i nk say sowy if i ade wat salah kt u.. same goes wif kerol.. bg pihak de, i say sorry... happy ramadhan dear sist... askum.....

Just_najmiE said...


w'salam.. were we?.. I won't know coz I don't know who he's with.. if it's u, then congratulations.. he's a very nice guy, u should treasure him..

I get it, u're jealous.. that's why I let him go.. again, I didn't know who u are, and I didn't say anything bad bout u.. just so u know..

yes, I was upset, sad n crying every two minutes, but I've passed it now.. I've let him go.. I've moved on with my life.. there's no reason to dwell in the past.. he's yours now, take care of him..

no, I'm not angry with u, and it's not ur fault.. I was foolish to think that he'll wait for me and he didn't.. so, my loss kan?.. it's ok..

happy ramadhan to u too.. w'salam..


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