Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pictures part 2 :- Girls Day Out

Mood : Sad.. T___T

today is Daphnees last day here in UUM..
she's going to further her studies in China next month but she's going to Penang for a while..
so yesterday, my sisters and I took her and Maesha to bazaar Ramadhan..
kinda like a girls day out..
it was so fun!
we even had a sleepover at Maesha's house..
check out the pictures..
credited to my sisters, Khadijah and some from Wahida..

with Daph, my French neighbour..

don't forget to lock the gates bofore going out!!

waiting in the rain.. NOT!

the family gift for Daph..
what is it??

it's a UUM t-shirt!!
it fits her perfectly.. (^^,)

at bazaar Ramadhan..

picking what to buy..
pizza weih!!

we had loads of fun, right girls?..
shining star~~


░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

u ;like to snap a lot eh =) huhu cewl =)

k.A said...

comel sungguh pose berpayung itu ya

Just_najmiE said...


oh, semestinya.. hahaha.. thanks dear!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


owh, comel kah?.. ehehehe, mekasih.. (^^,)

Ejay said...

suka la tuh org ckp dia comel...!

Just_najmiE said...


hohoho, semestinya!! hehehe..
*wink wink*

GreenKhadijah said...

i want credits!!!!

Just_najmiE said...

aisyhhh.. fine, I credited u.. huhuh..


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