Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Part 6:- I made my peace..

Mood : silly

I couldn't pay attention this morning..
but I managed to understand..
sometimes I spaced out and thought bout him..
and my eyes start to tear up..
but I held back..
gila ka apa nangis kat dalam kelas?..

after class I went to HEP to handle my application to live outside of hostel..
the officer in charge wasn't there so I was told to fill in a memo..
there was this really cute guy at the table across from me..
I 'accidently' looked..
his smile was so cute, like seriously..
his skin was clean fron any bombs.. eh?.. you know what I mean..
terus lupa kat problem aku..
hahahaha, fickle betul aku nih..
suddenly the cute guy said to me,
"ni Najmie kan?"
I was shocked!!
he knows me?..
like, woahhhhh..

it turns out he was a schoolmate of mine from 4 years back..
patut la macam familiar ja muka dia..
but still cute weih, seriously..
he talked really politely, and we did some catching up..
he wasn't from my course..
I was an IT student, he was a science student..
I only saw him near the schools hostel or at the canteen..
wasn't really interested coz I was with someone else back then..
we talked a whole lot..
I was there like for 30minutes, just talking to the guy while filing in the memo..
but I didn't even know his name, yet he knows mine..
I don't know how or why he remembered me but it was nice to be remembered..
I found out later in the conversation that his name was Jat, short for Izzat I think..

I finished writing the memo and went on my way..
but I do hope he messages or calls me..
no no, I didn't get his number, nor did I gave him mine..
it was on the memo, and he knows it's there..
just a matter of him taking it and doing something bout it..
but I don't think he'll call..
hahaha, saja gatal kan?..

but meeting him sure lifted my spirits..
I'm not down and sulking anymore..
I know it's early to let go, but I've made my peace now about Kerol..
he's off with another girl right?..
and he's happy without me next to him..
so why sulk anymore?..
I might as well start looking for a replacement too, just like him..
I need someone too you know..
lagipun kat UUM nih gila bapak ramai yang hensem dowh, rambang mata aku kat library tadi..
besides, I'm a sucker for smart looking men wearing ties..
wahahahaha, kegatalan melanda!

to all my friends out there, thank you for supporting me when I was down..
that's why you guys are so AWESOME!!
I'll always have you guys to love..
shining star~~


fitriah said...

ehem ehem hihi ;p

ezany said...

btul tu.. kumbang bkn seekor.. life goes on..

sayeJAJA said...

wakakakakakaka najmie.
hepp2 ramai ae kat uum?
pass satu pelis?

k.A said...

bunga bukan sekuntum
kumbang bukan seekor

tapi,pilihla dari yang baka baik2 ye :D

sHaH said...

cepat ye dpt pengganti..

girl, u love Kerol..
not Jat...

Just_najmiE said...


ehehehe.. *blush* ;p

Just_najmiE said...


yeah, it goes on.. thanks bro!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


boleh2, meh ambek meh.. kat sini manyak.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


betul2.. thanks for the advise!.. sy pilih kamu la klau begitu.. :D :D

Just_najmiE said...


bukan pengganti la, just someone to remind me that there are guys out there..

yeah, I know.. tp tak berbalas, so bt apa tunggu lg kan?.. thanks for ur concern tho..

sha89 said...

best~ dpt cuci mata lalala~

xpe2...yg lepas xyh pkir2 dh...bila dh lepaskn sum1 yg kite syg, kite akn rase lega sbb xyh pkir2 lg psl si dia~

nihin iz said...

hooohoo uum banyak yang best ek? hurmm now i understand yang best2 gi mana cos sangat susah nak jumpa kat sini. ahahaha..

budak baik wasnt my material.. tapi kat sini a lot sampai terasa rendah diri. ahahha..

ps:cari satu mcm kibum pastu ask for his phone no and pass to me.. hehehe
pss: i dedicated lagu teardrops on my guitar dr taylor swift.. sangat sesuai dengan kamu,najmie.. :D

Just_najmiE said...


hohoho.. tulah, dia dah lepas.. cuci mata itu semestinya.. hohoho..

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, yeah, mybe they're all here!.. ramai.. yg chinese pun hensem2 tau.. hoho..

ps : kibum?.. hahaha, lom jmpa lg.. tp ada nmpk sorg iras2 hangkyung arituh..

pss: teardrops?.. taktau lagu camana but thanks anyway.. (^^,)

nihin iz said...

the song is something about a girl who secretly in love with her best friend named drew. i guess the lyric tell so.

i was quite enjoy this song last semester.. idk, dont ask and somehow the story lebih kurang like urs.. the melody is just nice and i wish i can make a song just like that..

one-sided love kinda story, the boy love another girl and bla bla bla.

here the youtube link.. cari tadi.. ehehhee..

Ejay said...

hey, saya ex-UUM jugak
biar btol UUM gila bapak ramai yg hensem?? hahaha...
i really have no idea.

Just_najmiE said...


orly?.. hohoho, I'll have to check it out.. eh, i play guitar?.. coolios!! (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


ex-UUM?.. woooo, sy baru ja first year kat sini.. hehehe.. ramai wooo, seriously.. tak tipu pun.. huhuhu.. (^^,)

Silverleaf said...

OOOooooooo....why didnt get his number dear...still have the chance dnt worry......

Just_najmiE said...

hahahaha.. I'll have to say no.. but thanks..


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