Monday, August 3, 2009

I keep my promises..

Mood : norago~~
(it's you)

just so everyone's clear, the guys up there, they're Korean, not Japanese..
aren't they the hottest?..

this entry is filled with pictures, so I'll try to cut down on words..
if you get lazy from reading the captions, just browse through the pictures and look how hardworking and cute I was on Friday for Penyayang Carnival and Saturday for the wedding reception..
pictures credited to myself, Kak Ijah, Umi and Wahida..
some were from mum's digital camera and some from my handphone..

Penyayang Carnival in Alor Setar

me driving..
don't worry, the car wasn't moving when I took this picture..

a house on the hills..
look at the house number..
gila ong bukan?

me doing my job..
yea cik, nak makan nasi lemak? sedap tau cik, saya makan dah dua kali tambah nih.. sebab tu saya gemuk sket..

waiting for customers..
Umi, Kerun tak berat kan?

ooohhh, customers!!

the other half of the cafe selling pastries..
serious sedap siot!

look at the crowd!!

the Sultan of Kedah came for the 'perasmian'..

everyone was entertained by this guy, Hilmi Gimmick..
he was funny, I'll give you that..

me refilling the nasi lemak tray..
see, I'm hardworking right?..

finished doing my work, no customers, SNAP TIME!!

there was the horse ride near our cafe, and the girl there on the horse, I think she's just 14 years old, and she rides like a pro!
gila jeles!!
so I'm thinking of learning to ride a horse from the UUM horse riding club..
will get back to you on that..

here's a pic of the girl..
muda siot, seriously..

mum and friends..
the one sitting on the chair is Tengku Suraya, if I'm not mistaken..

the person in these shoes really stood for a long time..
I hope her feet wasn't killing her, coz mine were..
and I was wearing sandals!

gorgeous shoes, really, but not really suitable for the occassion, don't you think?

me and Kak Ijah..
we're tired, seriously..
give us a pillow, would ya?..

meh new boyfriend, da chef!

Saturday :-
wedding reception at EDC Hotel, UUM..

meh poyo's time before going there..
how do I look?..

is my make up on too much?

da bride and groom..
ala-ala western gitu bride tu..
mak andam dia jantan a.k.a. sotong kau tahu?..
geli geleman aku..

the insides of the hall..

with Maesha, a daughter of visiting lecturers from Bangladesh..
she's so nice but really shy..


me again..

red carpet..


me ngah prasan..

siblings minus Aini..
I told you I was tall..

self portrait..

well, that's all I got for you guys now..
do comment ya..
love you lots!

ps:- remember I told you guys about the seluar pelekat?..
someone did buy it!

it's a DUDE, btw..
don't be fooled by his extreamely long female-ish hair..

peace out!
shining star~~


kerol said...

woww....comel nyer awk pkai apron..huhuhu...
tp awk mmg nmpk tggi lg tggi dr sy jek...huhuhu...kak intan n kak ijah dh nmpk cm adik dh biler satu family b'baris...hehehe...
btw, awk nmpk cntik pkai kbaya putih 2..i'm speechless when i'm looking at u..huhuhu....

Just_najmiE said...


hahaha, I'm blushing now.. thanks for the compliments.. (^^,) yep, sy mmg tinggi, tp yg pakai kebaya tu, tinggi jadian la, coz pakai heels.. hehehe..

thanks again!.. (^^,)

messyremo said...

giler ong rumah tu...

btw,byk untung meniaga?

lieya orange M.I. said...

...bestnyer berniaga...
...teringin la pulak...

Just_najmiE said...


mmg sgt ong.. hehehe.. ada la dpt dlm beberapa ribu.. tp tu semua utk amal, sy tak diberi gaji pun.. huhuhu~~

Just_najmiE said...

lieya orange..

mmg sgt best!.. (^^,)

feshnie said...

Ah, I suddenly miss Maesha now that I saw her on your blog. Pass her my regards or something if you see her next time.

Your new boyfriend looks pretty stiff. XD

Rather than saying you're tall...Wahida's starting to look like she'll outgrow you one day. Lol, she must be taller than me now.

PS: I see you're still as self-obsessed as you have always been.

Just_najmiE said...


will do when I see her.. huhuhu..

yeah, he's pretty stiff.. XD XD

yeah, Wahida got taller, and bigger! hahaha.. I think she's about your height now..

I'm always self obsessed!.. XD XD

Eazy Izzuddin said...

really filled with picca...
ok le 2
busy day but fun right?

kerol said...

hah??sapa awk nyer new bf nie??xphm...kna kutuk stiff plak 2...huhuhu..

Just_najmiE said...

eazy izzuddin..

hahaha, really2 fun filled.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


hahahaha!!... tgk la gmbar sy leklok.. ada ngan bf baru.. hehehe..

imHepPie said...

huhu...cambesh je...len kali ajak ar..nk gak kenal2 ngan ur new bf tuh..hik3

[erk cemana ngan abg kita...wahahaha..]

Just_najmiE said...


muahahahahaha!!.. my new bf tuh chef yg ensem dan bulat itu bah... hahaha..

sha89 said...

hahaha...ade jgak jual seluar pelekat ek?

cute jgak tp cm pelik skit...

pic2 tu cute...n sgt2 rmai org ek kat majlis perasmian tu..fuhh~

tp yg pntg nasi lemak habis dijual...hehe~

Just_najmiE said...


ada ja, mmg sgt pelik.. kita anggap unik ja la ek.. hehehe..

thanks.. (^^,)
nasi lemak ada yg tak abes tp last2 lelong ja.. nasi lemak ngan ayam rendang seketul utk RM2.. murah kan?..

feshnie said...

Owh owh, I forgot to ask you
Why'd you mention:
"just so everyone's clear, the guys up there, they're Korean, not Japanese.."?
Did someone say they were japanese?
Who? who?

Just_najmiE said...


yep, someone thought they were Japanese, so I corrected him.. try finding it in one of my comments.. I forgot which post.. :p


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