Wednesday, August 5, 2009

gila dissapointed!! (T_T)

Mood : acting cool~~

at 2pm today, I went to the UUM Varsity Mall to settle some bill payments for my mum..
there's something going on there, got stalls and booths..
after I settled everything, me and Daph went to the PC Fair to look at stuff..
I was very dissapointed when I entered the hall..
I imagined that the place would be swarming with students and full of booths and stalls, but the hall wasn't full at all..

nevertheless, me and Daph walked around anyways..
looking at the place..
since it wasn't as how I hoped it would, I didn't bother to take any pictures..
I think, the reason why it lacked in booths were because of the sudden 1 week vacation..
the supposed PC Fair date was 29th till 31st July..
I guess the other booth owners had other places to go to and couldn't stick around for 3rd till 6th August..
well, whatever it is, it was a real dissapointment for me..
there weren't much choices at all, and the students who went there weren't that many either..

I did a survey of portable hardisk and got a rough estimation of price..

160GB = RM 200
250GB = RM 260
320 GB = RM 330
500 GB = RM 375

it was effin' expensive weih!!
so not gonna buy it now..
I'm thinking of asking my lil sis to buy it in LowYatt when I have the money..
maybe I can get the 500GB for RM 290, like what Adeqq said..
certainly hoping so..

well, after buying a cooler pad for my lil sis, black ink refill for my eldest sis, and a cleaning kit for laptops, me and Daph headed back out to the car..
we were discussing whether to go to her mum's lecture on Korean culture for 2hours or watch movies at my house..
we decided to watch movies.. hehehe..
we passed the Pizza Hut stall on our way and bought some pizzas..
Daph said it was her first pizza from Pizza Hut..
apparently, they don't have Pizza Hut in French..
we chose take away cause we wanna eat it while watching the movie..
after purchasing other foods, we headed to the car and went home..

we decided to watch Final Destination 3..
man, it was scary..
full of blood too..
here's a question..

Which is scarier,

not knowing when you're going to die


knowing how you're going to die?

for me, knowing how you're gonna die is the scariest..
if I knew I was gonna die from being hit by a car, I'd be paranoid..
so scary man..

neways, I added extra calories by eating the pizza, so I have to do lotsa walking to burn it tomorrow..
oh, btw, a friend from college said I looked thinner..
thanks Bai!!
now I gotta maintain that, right?..

well, that's all for now..
gonna go to sleep, got class tomorrow at 8am..
I'm gonna have to wear that stupid mask coz I'm not feeling well..
got selesema and batuk..
also feeling a bit dizzy..
hope it's nothing serious..
night everyone!!
shining star~~


imHepPie said...

~kalo aritu gtau awl2 my fwen ade jual 500gb for only rm180...huhu

~sgt takot utk tgk final destination..hoho x penah tgk cita tuh full..talak brani wooo..ngeri..
btol2 stuju sgt xtau bila mati,..nih kalo da tau asek lari je ar huuu...

~mkn piza x ajak pown huk3

Silverleaf said...

always love final destination..... Please do a check up....its for you and people around you....hehehe...I wud feel guilty if I caught the H1N1 thing and spread to others....

ezany said...

mmg mahal la tu.. masa pc fair kat klcc baru ni 1TB lbh krg RM320 kot klu tak silap..

oo.. mentang2 la final destination 4 dah nak kluar ek.. nak refresh memory la kot ni.. hehe..

Adeqq said...

yeah, memang murah la kawan2 sekalian. kene pandai tawar and pandai carik kedai. kitorg aritu 4 org, semua borong 500Gb dengan harga RM290.00 itu!!~

soooo, kalu nak, let me know k..

sHaH said...

wah tak aci!!!
tengok wayang tak ajak aku!!!

lieya orange M.I. said...

...pc fair tak best eih...


Just_najmiE said...


pergh, gila murah!!.. dia ada jual lg tak skrg?.. huhuhu..

final destination sgt takut tp best.. hehehe..

pizza tuh mkn tak plan pun.. nmpk so beli ja la.. hehehe..

Just_najmiE said...


love final destination too.. baikkkkkkk, I'll go to the clinic today.. huhuhu..

Just_najmiE said...


perghhh, 1TB utk RM320??!! gilek arr... hadiahkan satu kat sy leh?.. hahaha..

eh, nk keluar dah ka?... tak tau pun..

Just_najmiE said...


murah2!!.. mari beli, mari beli.. hahaha..

Just_najmiE said...


aku tgk movie kat umah aku ja la.. bukak dvd.. hahahaha..

Just_najmiE said...


mmg tak best pun.. ingatkan byk choices, tp tak pun.. huhuhu..

Eazy Izzuddin said...

mahal gilak
ku beli pun murah sket

feshnie said...

Lol. I'll be awaiting instructions ma'am!

Just_najmiE said...


mahal kan?.. ufufufu..

Just_najmiE said...


hahahaha, will inform u later.. (^^,)

miss oren said...

saya menonton kesemua siri final destination..cuma untuk sekali sahaja..lepas tu sumpah x tengok lagi...ketakutan melanda diri

Just_najmiE said...

miss oren..

hehehehe, agak menyeramkan la.. cuba bayangkan apa yg terjadi dlm citer tu jadi kat kita real life?.. takut dowh.. huhuhu..

naqiubex said...

Buy a 1 tera for only about rm380 at Low yatt..

Just_najmiE said...


I have no money.. ufufufu~~ (T_T)

Wahida K said...

i agree.....
not knowing when were gonna die is sooooooooooooo scary!!!!!!

DilOt said...

mcm mahal je..hati2 tkt ditipu...

pc fair ni kdg2 bukannye betul..

nihin iz said...

i am in knowing when we r gonna die's side.. it's just owhhh so scary to know u're going to leave this life soon, susah but on the green side, kita akan appreciate life kita lebih lagi..

kalau kita tatao bila kita akan mati, we just take life as granted.. tapi still saya prefer not knowing death around me but at the same time tahu yang kita akan mati suatu hari nanti..

hoohooo comment saya terasa agak berat di sini.. ahahaha so not me..

well, pasal harddisk tue, beli bila u got money and mana tahu lama2 nanti lagi murah u bleh dapat.. computer gadget lama2 akan jadi murahkan.. masa tu kan lebih baik.. ehehe.. mari kita saving menyaving (apa punya bahasa la)

final destination is a big no to me. pernah tengok skali je and lepas tu ok NO! lol. bcos percayalah dia akan haunted me for the rest of my life.

panjangnya. musykil sjak dua menjak ni mood menulis makin membuak2.. LOL.

Just_najmiE said...


u betcha!! hohoho..

Just_najmiE said...


eh, ya ka?.. bukan pc fair smua bagus2 ka?.. huhuhu...

Firol said...

mahal-mahal...tak yah beli

Just_najmiE said...


kan2, sgt scary bukan.. . hohoho.. yeah, when u know when u're gonna die,u appreciate life and the people around u more..

eh, btul2!!.. lg lama lagi murah.. hehehe.. jom2, saving dr skrg.. hehehe..

alaaaa, Final Destination best lah.. it shows how normal everyday things have an effect on ur life.. hohoho..

takpa2, nk komen byk2 n pnjg2 pun takpa, dialu-alukan.. hehehe.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


baikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk... (dgn muka yg innocent lg suci)

hak3!! (^^,)


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