Monday, May 25, 2009

City life or country life??

Mood : decisive..

I was driving home after picking up my mum from the office, and we were talking..
you know, mother daughter moment..
anyways, she told me how it was hard for her to adapt and embrace the life of the city, saying that she rather fancied living where there are ample amounts of fresh, unpolluted air..
she said she always prayed and asked Allah to grant her that wish and alhamdulillah, she got it..
we now live on a hill, with lots of trees (oxygen) and wildlife around us..
by wildlife, I meant monkeys, 'lutong'[a species of monkeys], birds, boars, and bugs; lots and lots of bugs..
different kinds of bugs, with weird sounds and everything!!
and fyi, I HATE bugs..

anyways, she told me that she could never get use to the busy life in KL, or anywhere else that is busy for that matter..
she just wants to relax and enjoy her life, where she could have peace and tranquility..
she said she knows that the facilities are better equipped in the city compared to the country, but people tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city..
I for one agree with her..

being a person from the suburbs studying in a big city in Malacca was a new experience for me..
I'm not used to the vast amounts of cars on the road, the ear splitting sound of the car honks every few minutes, or the scantily clad women parading around in short skirts or revealing dresses..
it was tough for me to adapt to the dramatic changes at first, but being the smart girl that I am *beams*, I managed to without being effected by the negative side of city life.. much...
I got great friends and we looked out for each other..
but in the end, no one is perfect, me included..
I have done stuff that I have never done before back at home..
things that I am not proud of..
but I have accepted my wrong doings and learned from my mistakes..
my mum was right, people do get lost in the city life..

each semester I watched countless students from my college being consumed by the city..
they get intoxicated by the freedom that the city offers and forget their original identities..
I've seen good people gone bad, bad as bad can be..
premarital sex, pregnant girls, drinking and alcohol abuse, clubbing and what not..
I've seen it all..
I have friends that do these things too, on a regular basis in fact..
I guess it comes down to how you were raised, the lifestyle you were brought up by your parents at home..
I'm not saying that all city people are this way, just some are..
but the percentage is high due to peer pressure and what not..

in my hometown, women who smokes are hard to come by..
but in the city, you can see them every where..
they are even openly showing that..
and there seems to be no problem to show affection in public for lovebirds, like it was accepted..
I for one was really shocked when I saw this, asking myself, aren't those people ashamed to be committing sins in public?..
I frown upon those, making faces and giving disapproving looks but sadly, was unable to say anything..
the society have chosen to accept this and somehow it has become a norm..
now, this has also spread to my hometown..
more and more lovebirds flocking the cinema, holding hands and hugging freely..
I still give disapproving looks and sometimes utter snide remarks..
but my friend said to be careful, people are crazy nowadays, that I might be hit or slapped by the lovebirds and what not..
frankly I don't care, but I have to do justice to my mum and not make her go to the trouble of sending me to the hospital.. again...

my point is, I personally prefer the country life over city life..
sure the city has everything good but it also has everything bad..
when I have my own family, I want to raise them in the country, far away from social problems..
insyaallah, they'll turn up great, just like my family..

what's your choice?..
shining star~~


feshnie said...

Country life!
But I'll be facing city life soon!

NajmiE said...

don't get cultural shocked and get bad friends..
weird friends are ok, but bad friends are a no go.. okies?

good luck!!

feshnie said...

And I think I've watched too much movies with bad malay cultures to even Think about indulging myself to the bad city life.

I'm a mangaka now!
Well...going to be. Insya-Allah.

Pray for me!


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