Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mummy, I'm Home!!!!

Mood : tired..

hello blog reading people!!
watcha doing??..
I''m currently posting this from my home, in Kedah..
I arrived to Sintok around 4 am..
I asked the bus driver to stop at the guard post at the gate but he conveniently forgot..
curse you bus driver!!! *echooooo*
*cough cough*
so I ended up waiting for my mum to pick me up at the bottom of our hill, at 4 am weihh!!
it's a good thing I don't get scared easily.. (^^,)

anyways, I got on the bus from Hentian Duta last night, around 9.30 pm..
before that, Ibu and Baba, my brother-in-laws parents, brought me to 1Utama for dinner..
we ate at DeliFrance.. adoiii..
so very the sedap!! and expensive.. (o_0;;
Ibu and Baba, thank you for the full stomach!

1Utama was HUGE!!
I so wanted to walk around the place, but we were running out of time..
around 8.30 pm, we departed from 1Utama, headed towards Hentian Duta..
we got there early, around 9 pm..
hang out for the remaining time..
my ticket home from KL to Kedah costs RM 45, which was paid by Baba..
I tried to pay him back once I got hold of an ATM machine but he said my money tak laku..
Ibu and Baba, thank you again!!

alamak aiii, I have to update my blog..
inform you viewers of my holidays..
but I'm gonna have to post in different entries, coz there'll be lots of pictures!!
there will be an entry for my journey to Seremban and from Seremban to Malacca, the hangout in Mallaca, and last but not least, my awesome experince in Genting..
hang in there people, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!
shining star~~

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