Monday, May 25, 2009

Finding Cash~~

Mood : smart.. (^^,)

hello blog reading people!!

it's 11 pm and I am having a headache..
and no, I'm not going to eat any medicine, it's drugs man..
those things are dangerous..
it'll just go away eventually..

anyways, I bet you all know that I am broke right now, got no more moneyyyy..
no fulus~~
so my sister who is working at the company which I performed my practical training is going to participate in a Convention or something in Penang..
so they will have a booth and everything..
my sis asked me if I was interested to help out there, and I said yes..
but not automatically..
cos I was thinking, like, it's from 28th till 4th June..
that's a long time kan?..
without internet, my addiction..
will I be able to make it?..
what if I die without internet??!!
LOL!! drama queen much?..

but I thought long and hard, (about 5 minutes or something.. lol) and decided to go ahead and do it..
I mean, it beats staying at home not doing anything with my life..
the company is going to pay for food and accommodation(a hotel btw) but I'll get no allowance..
if I want money, I have to sell the company's products..
here's where my marketing and selling skills kick in..
but they're a mitt dusty..
selling stuff should be easy, since I love to talk and I also have a way with people..
hope I'm not too over confident..
the Convention will be from 29th till 8th June but me and my sis will be packing our bags early, on the 4th cos we're going to KL..
my younger sister is going to be registering in Cosmopoint at Jalan Raja Laut, so the whole family is going to send her via car..

see, when I was furthering my studies in Malacca, no one bothered to send me off..
only my mum and my eldest sister sent me, and we went by bus..

some people just have all the luck..

so awesome blog readers, I will be under the radar from 28th May till 8th or 9th June..
I'll be working my butt off and earning some greens!!
excited much?.. XD
feel free to leave comments or messages in my YM, Tagged, Myspace, Friendster, or Facebook accounts, I'll reply when I come back or when I have the time to go to the cyber cafe'..
you could also email or text me via handphone, but that would mean we're really close..
cos I don't give my phone numbers freely..

time to pack!!
shining star~~


feshnie said...

You get some, you lose some.
Besides, when you were in form 5, mom didn't send you to hostel.

NajmiE said...

hohoho, mum loved me back then.. haha!!


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