Thursday, May 7, 2009

something new in life..

Mood : really?..

I played with the HTML and I got this..
not originally mine, I got it from a free blogger template site and this awesome template happens to be created by Gvalkyrie..
thanks a whole lot..

first of all, I would like to say I'm sorry to Feshnie who created my previous header for this blog..
loving Donghae, it was also hard for me to let the header go..
but all I need now is something new, a change to justify my stand which is,
so this new layout does make an impact..
don't worry, I'll still be posting pictures of Donghae as my mood pic so people who came to my blog to see him can still do that..
I mean, come on!..
I can't throw away my favourite, cool, hot, sexy, lovable, corky, funny and most amazing K-Pop entertainer of all times right?..
way exaggerating, but that's how I feel about my Donghae-shi~~
saranghae-yo Donghae oppa.. (^^,)

anyways, back to topic..
I'll play around with more HTML and stuff later when I have time..
Ill have music, and pictures, and videos and other cool stuff..
this is called planning aheaddddd~~
I'm kindda busy now with the packing-my-bag-thingy..
I haven't pack a single shirt in my bag yet..
talk about procrastination!!
man, I have got to get less lazy dowh..
I'll wound up being heavy if I don't change now..

talking about heavy..
I want to tell you about a reality show I've been watching on Hallmark channel..
it's called 'The Biggest Loser'..
to tell you in detail about this show might take a while, so I'm gonna post it in a different entry..
maybe right after this, if I'm feeling in the typyish mood, or maybe afterwards..
which ever it is, I'll post it up soon..
but man, were those contestants heavyyyy...

to end todays entry, I want to share a picture with you guys.. (^^,)

it ain't pretty..
time to mate for them cicaks..
deng, it was hidious..
peace out~~
shining star~~


feshnie said...

Sorry accepted and Whoaa~ I like your new layout! The header slays me with it's curveness and simplicity~ Kyaa~ You can trade any of my header for somethin like that ANYTIME!'t animals have their own privvy time?

PS: Oh yeah, I changed my layout too but it looks wiiiidddeeeeer and I'll probably change it after a few days. Haha.

sweet_knk said...

great isn't it?..
saw your blog.. nice too!!


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