Friday, May 15, 2009


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on 10th May, Sunday, I woke up at 6.15 for Subuh prayers and went back to sleep only to be waken again at 8.30..
we were going to make our leave to Holiday Inn for our Lunch Reunion around 11 am..
I got out of bed lazily and began packing my stuff..
being one of the early birds, I was the first to hit the showers..
so malas lah!!

after finished taking my bath, I slipped into my chosen outfit that I ironed last night before going out, and started drawing on my face i.e. putting on make-up..
I wonder sometimes when I picked up this habit of putting on make-up..
I remembered that I used to go out with only regular powder on my face, but now, dah pandai siott..
neways, after I dolled up, putting on foundation, press powder, a little blusher, eye shadow, and a little bit of eye liner, I proceeded to dolling up some of my friends..
I used to be a noOb when it came to make-up, but my friends seemed to trust me dolling up their faces..
congratulations Obi Wan Kanobi, you have received trust from your fellow peers..

all dolled up~~

Hakim came to the Inn in his car and collected all our bags..
he is just so nice, helping us weak women..
more like malas!!
he also dropped off Hajar, the missing member of the girls..
it was havoc in the Lobby!!
anyways, we checked out around 10.30 am and made our way to DP..
Jiha had to return a pair of shoes which she doubts as made from pig skin..
there were 3 dots on the sole of the shoes.. good thing I didn't touch nor tried on her shoes..
I managed to snap some pictures while at the shop..
the mirrors were full length so I couldn't pass out that opportunity.. (^^,)


Holiday Inn wasn't that far from where we stayed so we just walked there..
passed some shops and stores, went through MP, crossed the road and BAMM, we were there!!
adess, tak lawak pun..

we were first to arrive at the crime scene, loaded ourselves on the couches in the massive lobby and waited for the guys and MPP Advisors to arrive..
we even cam whored while waiting..
I wasn't really in this picture since I was the one who took it, but I edited it in Photoshop, and whalla!!!

the guys arrived around 11.15 am and we continued to loiter around the lobby waiting for the advisors to come..
around 12.40pm, we went to the hotel's cafe'..
we could smell all those mouth watering dishes being served..
our eyes feasted first while waiting in the buffet line..
I was practically not caring about the calories at that point..
I took everything in sight, not caring weather it was loaded with fat or not..
I ate fried bihoon, fried chicken, grilled duck, mini pizza's, fried popia, ice-cream, cake, omelette, cheese sandwiches, and stuff I don't even know the names of..
we practically stuffed our faces..

our full faces..

cam whoring.. (^^,)

only one person was unable to make it to our reunion..
Asyraf was working so was unable to join us..
he sent apology messages to everyone though..
so I guess it was ok..
the bread and butter of our lunch was receiving RM 50 each from the balance of our money..
not just being full in the stomachs, we also got extra money to spend..

around 3 pm, we said good bye to each other with hugs an kisses to the cheeks.. (girls only)
I rode with Hakim, in his car, he said he could send me to the LRT station..
adess, what were you thinking? sicko deh!!
he dropped KN and me at the LRT station in Sungai Besi..
I rode the LRT to Putra Terminal where I was greeted by Ibu, Baba, Kak Ijah, Abg Hafiz and Sakinah..
the car was cramped so abg Hafiz took the bus home..
I arrived to their house in Gombak around 6.30 pm and rested my butt..
took a bath and hang out in the room with Kak Ijah..
we planned for tomorrow's trip to Genting in glee..
really can't wait.. (^^,)
shining star~~

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