Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Favourite Niece.. (^^,)

Mood : cute!!

I was reading a post on A'a's blog, and she was talking about her cute niece..
and believe me, her niece was really2 cute!!
so there I was, being all soft and praising the kid, and A'a said, she's cute like her aunt!
so I had the sudden urge to be a cute aunt too..
hence this post!!

This is Quratul Ain a.k.a. QA..
isn't she adorable?..
just like her aunt?..

she turns 5 months today, 23rd May 2009..
she weighs about 10 kg now, but she was already heavy to begin with, 4.1 kg or something..
I still remember the small her though..
can't believe she's so big now..
time really passes by quickly..

she is such a bright kid, I so love her to bits..
she is also full of energy now, dah buas!!

and on a different topic..
I like to cook, but one thing I hate about frying is......

see any difference?..
shining star~~


sarah said...


NajmiE said...

hehehe.. thanks.. comel mcm aunty dia kan?.. *coughs me coughs*


A'a said...

ooooh she's sooo cute and chubby!! rase mcm nak gigit je pipi die!! huhu. and she's just a month older than my niece. :D hehe. my niece was born on 24th january 2009. :) but supposed to be due on 8th march laa. tapi die tak sabar nak tengok dunia kot. mcm auntie die gak hahaah!

anyways, gigit your niece's pipi for me pleaseeee. :P

NajmiE said...

haha, yep, sgt chubby!

I'll gigit her pipi when I see her again.. she lives in another town, about 50 minutes drive so it'll be a while.. :)

don't think her mother would be pleased though.. hahaha!!

feshnie said...

and she likes meeeeee~~~~~

NajmiE said...

adoiii, she likes everyone from our family meh..

Silverleaf said...

just like her aunt...i have a nephew dat looks like me too....

Just_najmiE said...

awwww, again, u're so sweet.. (^^,)
uii, really?.. cool!


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