Friday, May 22, 2009

Back Off Bozo!!

Mood : Defensive..

I gave a chance once but you were too stupid to use it..
you were rude, uncaring and cowardly..
you hide behind your facade..
I'm kindda glad to know the real you, cos I won't want you ever again..

good thing we were never an item..
and now that I'm single, you want to get back with me??!!
in your DREAMS man!!
I made a mistake, letting you peak into my heart once..
and guess what?
I'm NOT going to repeat my mistake..
I'm a smart girl, I learn from my mistakes..

back off bozo!!

I want nothing to do with you anymore..
you will stay where you belong, in my soon-to-be forgotten past..
shining star~~


sarah said...

eh, what's wrong?.. you marah kew?..
cool ok, you're a smart girl rite?

happy always!

NajmiE said...

hehehe, tak lah sarah, I tak marah pon.. dh cool dh..

I'm happy!!.. (^^,)


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