Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finally, Genting Highlands!!

Mood : No F**king Way!!

I woke up early on 11th May, Monday..
my alarm went off at 5.30 am, a wake up call for someone..
but I sort of terbabas and woke up at 6 am..
I made a promise to Amir to wake him up coz he had to go to work..
adoii, heavy sleeper rupanya my friend tu...
I called him from 6.04 am till 6.30 am..
I paused to pray Subuh around 6.13 am and continued to call him after wards..
he finally woke up at 6.30 and I didn't really know if he slept back or not..
Amir, wake up!!
it's been awhile since I held the position of waking people up..
holding that responsibility makes me feel good sometimes..
so Amir, if you want me to be your alarm clock again, just tell me, okay?..
is it weird to like hearing voices of mamai people?..
coz I love it!!
adehh, weirdo alert.... (o_0;;

I took my bath and dolled up, but on a lighter tone..
I wasn't going to some function so I chose to go casual..
I finished by spraying some perfume on my body and headed downstairs..
my sister could see the excitement in my eyes, it was uncontainable!!

we finally left the house around 9 am and headed to Terminal Putra..
we got there around 9.25 am, and to my dismay, the queue at the Genting ticket booth was quite long..
it was a public holiday, I soon found out..
Abg Hafiz got in line and bought the tickets, RM 47 each..
our bus was at 10.30 am so we had plenty of time to kill..
so we rode the LRT to Wangsa Maju where we had breakfast..
roti canai with iced tea..
tasted great..
the great thing about going out with Kak Ijah, Abg Hafiz and Sakinah is, we're all crazy!!
we were LOL-ing at the table..
seriously, people were glancing..
abg Hafiz would tell a joke and someone picks it up after that..
aiyohhh, sakit my perut laughing..

breakfast is the most important meal of the day..

oiii, get behind the yellow line!!

you can't see me.. (^^,)

bored waiting for the 10.30 bus..

we finished breakfast at 10 am and returned to Putra Terminal..
our bus to Genting was already there but the door wasn't opened yet..
we spent the remaining minutes cam whoring..
I told you we were crazy people!!

we boarded the bus at 10.25 am, and the bus departed right on schedule, at 10.30 sharp..
I wanted to stay awake during the journey but I didn't get a good nights rest..
the weather was hot at night so I had trouble sleeping..
last thing I knew, we arrived at Genting Skyway, at the botton of the hill..
everyone loaded off the bus and went on our way..
the line wasn't that long so in no time at all, we were already on the gondola, heading for Genting, the City of Entertainment..
the motto or slogan has two meanings though..
"Fun at The Peak!"
*wink wink*
sorry mummy!! (^^,)

we arrived at Genting around 11.50 am, so loads of people were there before us..
there were laughter, screams of delight and horror, people cam whoring (us included) and also people stuffing their faces..
it was a great scenery now stuck in my head..
time to ride!!
first ride of the day~~
alamak, I forgot the name of that ride..
alaa, the swing that goes around and around tu..
we rode that first..
can't believe some people are scared of that thing..
a girl practically buried her face in her hands during the whole ride..
I mean, what's the point of getting on the ride if you do that?..
me and Sakinah, we were flying, like birds, soaring through the skies..

I think it's this way laa..

branded for the day..

no captions needed..

is the sky raining people?!!

next stop, Candy House!!
we took lots of pictures here, and also made a video of me and Sakinah dancing to SNSD - Gee, well, just the chorus part..
I'll try to upload it later, but it's quite embarrassing.
after that, we continued cam whore-ing at other places..
and rode our second ride, The Flying Coaster..
it was okay..
I liked the way it made us fly in hoops but the ride ends abruptly, so kindda not fun there..
our picture didn't come out pretty so I decided against buying it..
save money for some other rides..

oii, no fighting laa!!

a crazy moment..

it'll be our little secret..

superwomen back from duty.. ahaks~

note : cam whore-ing can and will make you crazy..

look ma, I'm in London!!

when escalators take forever..

moving on~~~
we went to the Indoor Theme Park to find batteries..
what's the point of bringing a digital camera if you can't use it?
next stop, Imax theater..
it was.... boring~~
I nearly fell asleep.. sure the seat was moving, but the picture shown was boring..
big disappointment there..
the only cool thing about it was the 4D glasses..

taking our skills to the next step..

with mrs lucky bear!! Sakinah won it playing some game..

anyways, we decided that we were going to ride something that pumps up our adrenaline, something to get the blood running..
so we chose to ride Space Shot..
the line was actually quite long, but we thought we could make it..
argghhh, it was dem long man..
took us 40 minutes to reach the front line, and the ride only took 30.5 seconds..
was it worth it?
the rush of adrenaline was amazing, it was awesome!!
the second best ride I ever rode on in Malaysia..
I'm just getting excited talking about this.. hohoho..
Imma get something to drink now..
*runs to kitchen and drank cold water from the fridge, runs back to laptop*
the pictures turned out well so I decided to spend RM 25 on a picture and key chain..
but it was really worth it for me..
*heavenly sigh*

the long line...

the scanned picture I bought..

next on the list~~
we went to Dinosaurland..
perghh, gila bosan!!
my advice, don't even waste your time riding the boat there..
we took a lot of pictures on a little island there but not much turned out nice..
next ride, The Cyclone..
actually, this ride wasn't really all that exciting..
but we screamed our heads off anyway, to attract more people to wait in line..
crazy do what crazy people wants to do..

killing time on the boring boat ride..

married couple~~


before riding the Cyclone..

the hands on Abg Hafiz's watch pointed to 4 pm..
we had to pick up our pace if we wanted to go to Snow World..
time is really envious of us..
our bus back was at 6.15 pm so we gotta be at the bottom of Genting Skyway before the said time..
hey, no pressure there!!
the next session at Snow World was at 4.30 till 5.10 pm..
we had the time on our side!!
we paid for the tickets, RM 17 each, and hurried inside to get changed..
Abg Hafiz didn't join us, it was just us girls..
we picked our coats, boots and gloves, and put them on..
the insides of my boots were wet..
Kak Ijah told me to wear socks, said that it would be really really really cold in there..
I said to her, "eleh, it can't be that cold. it's just some air conditioning. I'll be fine, don't worry."
but, boy was I wrong...
it was f**king freezing!!
but we had a great time in there..
it was so cold that we had bear hugs 3 or 4 times just to stay warm..
but when I couldn't take the cold no more, I went inside an igloo (made of rubber) to stay warm..
we had a snow fight, tried to make a snowman, played the snow slide twice (I hurt my butt on that thing), and played the slide at the snow hut/cottage..
since I don't know when I'll be able to go to Genting again, I requested for a photoshoot from the FujiFilm photographer..
it costs me RM 16, but it was worth the memories.. (^^,)

the scanned RM 16 picture..

freezing people.. hug us please!!

after the coldness, we ate the free ice-cream given by the people there while wearing wet shoes..
well, mine were wet, I dunno about Kak Ijah and Sakinah..
we dashed out and made our way to the Genting Skyway, getting lost a few times along the way..
the ride down in the gondola was a lot faster then riding up the hill..
I wonder why.. *ponders*
as usual, we took pictures..


uii, what's this?!!

we arrived at the foot of the hill around 5.40 pm, locating the nearest surau to pray..
good thing I can perform Jamak..
we boarded the bus to Putra Terminal at 6.15 and slept all the way..
I thought Ibu would come and pick us up, but we returned home riding a cab..
costs RM 7..
mahal laa~~
we arrived around 7.30 pm..
I think I heard the azan for Maghrib prayers from the nearby mosque..
the last thing I remembered was lying on the bed, talking to Amir on the phone..
what were we talking about?.. dh lupa la..
then everything went black..

Kak Ijah woke me up around 9 pm, telling me to shower and come down for dinner..
with heavy feet, I pulled my towel from the clothes rack and strutted to the bathroom..
took me about 30 minutes, washing and scrubbing myself clean, all the while revisiting my recent memories in Genting....

I had another hot, humid and sleepless night..
shining star~~


Wahida K said... is a longpost you got here.....
don't put isn't a good word....
anyway.....the picture is good....
kak sakinah blend with you and those crazy mind of yours.....huhuhuhuhu...
i hope i can go to genting highland soon....
i was tired reading the post....huhuhu.....

twistxx said...

that all;;
great memories;;
btw;;d pic r great
cos i look so **** preety;;

sweet_knk said...

to Wahida K..

hahaha.. yep, this is the longest entry I have ever posted in my blog!!.. so much stuff to say n share.. that's why it's long.. (^^,)

I'm also hoping to go to Genting Highlands soon too.. there were some rides that I was unable to experience due to the lack of time.. huhuh..

sweet_knk said...

to twistxx..

hahaha, totally great memories!!..
eh, my friend wants to get to know u.. he says you're pretty.. (^^,)

Amir Hamzah said...

waaahhhH!!! so cool!!! I want to go weyyhh!!! next time ajak me :D

oh yea, sorry i havent been online. reason posted on my recent blog post. haha!!

love them piccies lah!! :D

sweet_knk said...

best wooo!!!
okies, if I were to go, I'll ajak u.. :p

pon pon patapon is it?.. adoii, gaining weight again aren't u?.. getting man boobs again huh?.. hahaha..

thanks!! I love them piccies too!! hahaha..

Silverleaf said... all the places i never been..this is one of it....

Just_najmiE said...


oh, really??.. it's awesome!!!!!! like, really awesome.. u should go there one day before u turn really old.. hehehe.. (^^,)


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