Thursday, May 21, 2009

Future Planning...

Mood : Hungry

man, my collection of Donghae photos are outdated...
gotta find me new pics from their recent album soon..

anyways, back to topic..
I've been thinking about my future, so some stuff are being planned right this moment..

first of all, I'm gonna find more information on scholarships..
I think I'm gonna further my studies overseas, see the world a bit bigger, broaden the horizon.. either in Australia or London..
main choice, MARA scholarship.. if I do get accepted, I'm gonna further my studies next year..
but I'm not gonna just waste my time during waiting period..
I'm gonna find ways to generate money..
but I might not do conventional work..
and NO, I'm not gonna rob any banks..
LOL, you were thinking it weren't you?..

next, I'm gonna start reading more..
enough being immature playing Mafia Wars on Tagged..
I'm going to further my studies for gods sake, so my brain has to be sharper..
I'm also gonna watch more news, or at least educational stuff...
it might be boring, but Imma gonna have to tough it out..
you can do it!!

further on the planning..
losing weight!!
not much, just until I reach my ideal weight, which is 55.5 kg..
just have to lose about 5kg now..
but temptations are everywhere I tell you!!
no wonder Malaysian's turn obes..
what with all the fast food restaurants blooming everywhere..
I'm gonna have to start counting calories after this..
btw, I'm not fat, just a bit chubby..

well, that's all I can think of right now..
if I thought of more, I'll just edit this post, where you guys will have to read it again..
I'm sleepy now, so let's say good night..

ohh, and to add to the list of future planning..
In the future, I'm gonna start sleeping early, 11 pm is my bed time in the future..
no more late night surfing and blogging!!
night awesome people!!
shining star~~

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