Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Journey to My Past

Mood : thinking~~

I've been reading the blog mentioned in the entry below, and it kindda made me think - something I seldom do nowadays- about myself..
what have I achieved in the past that is worth being proud about?..
in my head, I was thinking, I'm a nobody, I've done nothing..
I've done nothing worth being proud of..
which made me sad..
so I decided to list down stuff, achievements, from my past..
just to give me a sense of accomplishment, not for boasting purposes..
don't read it if you don't like it..

in no particular order:-

1) been to the states.. even though it wasn't really because of me, being able to live and study in the states was something to be proud of.. I've sharpen my English language since returning to Malaysia, so I am proud for listening to my mum, 'Practice English with your sisters, don't forget the language.. don't listen to your friends who made fun of you and English at school, never give up..' It really is true, Mums know best.. (^^,)

2) being the youngest member in the Chorus Speaking Team in high school.. I was in Form 1 when I joined the chorus speaking team, the youngest was in Form 3, and we won the state competition.. it really boosted my confidence level, performing in front of an audience, being on stage..

3) Active during high school.. this is also something I'm proud of.. my co-curricular activities weren't just restricted to education based clubs, but also to sports clubs.. I was a team player during high school, I played for the softball team 3 years in a row and were able to play till the state championship.. we won that, got the medal somewhere in room.. (^^,)

4) receiving the Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 15.. I was also involved in competitions and won 4 medals, 2 gold and 2 silver.. the memories are still with me, since I kindda didn't pursue this sport anymore due to some issues.. I miss it though.. (T_T)

5) furthering my studies.. although I had no real interest in the course I applied at that time, Diploma in Entrepreneurship, I still stuck to it and passed with flying colours.. it kindda grew on me after a while.. you see, I like to study, learning new things.. that's why I always ask when I don't understand something.. I'm proud to say that I received AKK or Dean's List for every semester since studying, but I felt the proudest when I received CGPA 4.00 or 4 flat in my 4th semester..

6) being MPP @ SRC (Students Representative Council), holding the title of Secretary.. I'm really proud of my self with this achievement.. being a leader has always been in my blood, my blood type is B by the way - an extrovert person [my sis said so] - during this time, I learned a lot about teamwork, about responsibility, about being a role model to others.. I sincerely hope I inspired my juniors to strive for excellence in what ever they do..

7) being active in college.. being busy with my studies and my duties as MPP, I was really proud that I didn't miss out hanging and having fun with my friends.. I was active in volleyball, a sport I came to like - even represented in SUKMA (inter-college sports competition)- and also held a position in JPA3 uniform club.. I was the vice president once before I held the title as MPP.. I stepped down so I don't go crazy.. (^^,)

8) going to graduate as one of the best students from KPM Melaka.. I've always made it my goal to graduate with CGPA 3.90, but sadly, I wasn't able to fulfill this goal.. my current CGPA is only 3.83 - minus the practical training, since the results aren't out yet-.. but I'm still proud that I will graduate as one of the best students, from DEn non-the-less, the underdogs of KPM Melaka, the despised lot.. LOL..

9) being the most reliable daughter.. LOL.. I didn't mean that my other sisters aren't reliable, it's just my mum would rely on me more to do errands for her like paying the bills, going to the bank, handling check books, driving, cooking, etc.. sure I complain sometimes, but honestly, I'm proud of my self for being able to help my mum, not financially though.. LOL.. I love you mum!!

well, that's all I could think of right now..
wow, I guess I have done stuff, accomplished things that are worth being proud of..
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for blessing my life..
but I know for a fact, this list will continue..
I'll keep making my self proud, making my mum proud, making my family proud..
mark my words, This List Will Continue..
shining star~~


Slave said...

indeed your achievements are impressive..
well done..


i've searched through but couldn't find any word or even the mentioning of being thankful to the ONE GOD that is ALLAH..

living in the world is a test and our doings are for ALLAH..from A to Z, we do everything with ALLAH in our hearts and mind..

as RASULULLAH has told us;

"Shall I tell you of the people of Paradise? They comprise every poor humble person, and if he swears by Allah to do something, Allah will fulfill it; while the people of the fire comprise every violent, cruel arrogant person."

do not get me wrong, this is just a dakwah for the purpose of getting ALLAH's mercy..

you indeed have achieved greatness, but if it is without the sincerity of ALLAH and HIS blessings, all of that can be taken away in seconds..

remember to always utter ALLAH's name and show our gratitude towards our GOD..


sweet_knk said...

thank you, for reminding me..
yes, I am grateful to Allah for all the things I've accomplished in my life, but somehow forgot to mention it in my post..


thank you again.. (^^,)

sweet_knk said...

post edited.. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

salam and hullo!

for all the accolades that have been bestowed on you, we truly believe that you deserve them.

It's like you are destined to do GREAT things and in doing so, make people around you so very much delighted to have known you.

And insyaAllah, with the right character you WILL soar to some UNPRECEDENTED heights one day BUT let me forewarn you LIFE WILL ALWAYS HAVE ITS UPS AND DOWNS. THE ROADS WILL BE LONG AND WINDING.


take care & wassalam.

NajmiE said...


Mr Yan, is that u?.. what a pleasant suprise!.. hehehe..

thank you sir, for your advise and wisdom throughout my studies at KPM Melaka.. I'll always remember the things you taught me, as well as what the other lecturers taught me.. and thank you for checking out my blog.. it's nothing much, just ramblings of and ex-student.. hehehe..

take care too sir.. I hope I'll get to see you soon.. (^^,)


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