Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Did this ever happen to You?

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what is the real definition of beauty?..
is beauty something you can see?..
or does it hold more meaning?..

I have met and talked to countless of beautiful people in my life, and frankly, some of them weren't really that beautiful..
because they were evil, rotten inside, bad personality, weren't that smart, etc..
for me, outward beauty doesn't really guarantee inward beauty..
some people are only pretty outside but ugly inside..
it's true..
I'm sure you've met them somewhere along your life..
sure your first impression of them is,
'Wow, she's so pretty, so gorgeous, I want to get to know her'..
but when you do get to know her, I mean really get to know her, you can actually see her true colours..
she doesn't fulfill necessary duties as a Muslim, she lies, backstab her own friends, cheats in exams, and god knows what else..
you also finds out that she's actually playing three wood (kayu tiga.. lol.. direct translation) with her boyfriend, going to parties, clubbing, drinking and smoking..
when that happens, you'll go and think,
'She's not that beautiful now that I know what she really looks like inside and out..'
because it actually did happen to me..

the moral of the story is..
don't judge a person with first impressions..
they tend to mislead..
get to know someone first before actually judging them..

even though someone is not beautiful on the outside, but the beauty within will eventually find it's way to the surface..
shining star~~


Mohd Tasnim said...
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Anonymous said...

yupp.. i agree with your opinion..
don't judge a book by it cover..
it's so cruel..
but not everyone like that..

sweet_knk said...

to Anonymous..

yeah, i know not everyone is like that, but some are just that way..
btw, you can leave a name, makes it easier for me to know who u are.. (^^,)


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