Tuesday, May 5, 2009

packing time~~

Mood : blur~~

it's 5th of May now..
09.59 am..
I just woke up.. still sleepy..
(-_-) zZz

I'm departing for Malacca this 8th May, stopping by at my friends house in Seremban where we'll go to Malacca together afterwords..
anyways, I still haven't pack..
so lazy...
what to do seh..
at times like this I wish I was a wizard like Harry Potter..
that way, with a flick of my wand, all my stuff would be packed!..
total liars..
being lazy sucks..

neways, my practical allowance from college is already in my bank account..
I got like, RM795..
I gave some to my mum, and spent like a hundred..
the rest is for my trip to Malacca..
at least I don't have to bother my mum..

I was at C-Mart yesterday and I saw a new spa opened up..
the list of services were on a banner outside the store..
bla bla bla...
manicure & pedicure = RM35!!
the shop in Malacca does manicure and pedicure for RM25 EACH..
living in Kedah does have its advantages..
neways, I so want to go do it but it would be boring doing it alone..
have to wait for my sister to come back home, then we can go together and have our nails done..
come back man!!
let's have girl moments..
wakakaka.. (^o^)
shining star~~


feshnie said...

Hah! So that's why you wanted nee-san to come back! Ahah!
Or not...

sweet_knk said...

somewhat.. but I guess we won't be going out anytime soon.. I have to go to Malacca..


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