Friday, May 15, 2009

Hangout in Malacca..

Mood : shopaholic!!

so after I met with my friends, we hangout in the hotel room and talked a bit..
after that, we performed our prayers and got ready to go out..
around 3 pm, we left the Inn and made our way to Dataran Pahlawan (DP)..

we spent the whole day walking and shopping..

the whole afternoon and evening went by without us noticing..

guess time does fly by when you're having fun..

Fenix Inn..

this picture was taken before exiting our room..

crazy people walking through!!

shopping time!!

finally, McD!!!

more shopping to burn off calories from the McD..

Kak Ieta and I returned to our Inn around 7 pm..
it's a good thing we both held the keys to our rooms..
the others were nowhere to be found..

we got separated while shopping..

I took my bath, prayed and rested my aching feet..

heavenly resting on the soft bed, alone in the hotel room..
aahhhhhhh... (^^,)

after the others returned, Faida informed us that the MPP guys wanted to join us hanging out and watch a movie with us tonight..

so around 8.45 pm, we went out again..

walked around the shopping complex again in search of stuff to buy..


next we went to get a bite to eat at Newton, next to MP..
I ate Char Kwae Teow and drank Mocha Blended..
heavenly man......

the guys arrived in Hakim's car, and joined us but they already ate..
we lepak2 for a while there and made our way to the movie cinema around 11.15 pm..
we decided to watch X-Men Origins : Wolverine at 11.30 pm..

it was an awesome movie, with all the fighting and everything..
but I was dissapointed in some of the shots, which didn't look much convincing..
but overall, it was worth the RM 10..

we returned to our Inn around 1.30 am..

that's a first for me..
I've never been outside at that time before..
Mummy, if you're reading this, I'm Sorry!!

casual night..

with Jiha at Newton..

the guys came!!

on our way to the cinema.. I look peculiarly fat.. hahaha..

shining star~~

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