Tuesday, May 12, 2009

teaser.. (^^,)

Mood : evil~~

okay people, I'm back!!
this is not the complete update of my holiday trip, since I haven't actually completed it yet..
I'm currently posting this entry from my brother-in-laws house in Gombak, hence the missing picture of Donghae as my mood pic..
will post the complete one once I return to my home in Kedah..

anyways, I went to Genting yesterday..
me, my sis, her husband, abg Hafiz and his sister, Sakinah..
we went there via bus from Putra Terminal, Gombak..
we had a blast!!
we took a ride that only took 30.5 seconds but left us waiting for 40 minutes in line, but it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!!
try to guess what ride it was..
we also went somewhere cold and freezing, and ate ice-cream while wearing wet shoes..
good times, gooood times~~~
we rode a boat, met BIG friends, kissed a snake, and loads more!!
but I can't go into details without pics, so I'll leave you guys hanging in for more!!

adios amigos!!
shining star~~


feshnie said...

err...it's actually 'rode a boat'. mom was lol-ing when she read it.

I was practically rofl-ing but I'm on a chair so...yeah...

Mom misses you. Wahida misses anonymous. I miss playing empires on Kak Long's laptop so we're all waiting for your return with open arms!

Can't wait to see the pics.

PS: bwahahahaha

sweet_knk said...

salah la plak... maluss sebentarss..
*goes and edits*
FIXED!! (^^,)

feshnie said...

Good thing we told you, right?
*smiles innocently*


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