Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Post!!

Mood : don't forget me!!

this is my last post for today..
it'll be the last post in a long while, since I'll be going to Penang to work my butt off and go to KL to send my sister to Cosmopoint..
I'm so sad to be leaving the internet, but it's something I have to do, for myself and for my future..
pray for me, for my health and well being whilst in Penang and KL in the upcoming 2 weeks..
and also pray that I can make good sales, with lots and lots of money!!..
I really need the greens man!!

as a last note, take care to all my awesome blog readers, be it that you are my followers or just my silent readers or even blog browsers, you are still awesome!!
claps for you man!!

leave comments or messages on my YM, Myspace, Friendster, Tagged, or Facebook accounts.. I'll reply as soon as I get back..
I'll be online in 2 weeks, insyaallah..
don't miss me too much!!

p/s : A'a, don't forget to msg me if you're in KL okies?!! hugs n kisses!!
shining star~~


mizah-kholil said...

ooo..what kind of job?!

hey add me on facebook tau..or myspace...just search for Mizah kholil.

have a fun and safe trip!! and best of luck!

Just_najmiE said...

just helping out my sister to 'jaga' her company's booth at Seberang Jaya.. Bumiputera Entrepreneurship Convention..

thanks for the wishes!.. I think I'll come back with burnt skin.. Penang kan panas.. lol!

I'll add u when I get back.. (^^,)


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