Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Moral Boost

Mood : inspired..

I've been browsing through other people's blogs recently, just to see the way and the writing styles of others..
one blog got my attention..
she is not directly connected to me, near nor far..
just a friend of a brother of a friend..
she studies in IIUM Nilai, but I don't know her major..
she is younger than me, by 2 years..
but her English is superb!!
she really knows how to express her thoughts in English, and her blog entries aren't the usual ramblings either..
well, not all of them..
she talks about things happening around her, about gays, about discrimination, and the way she writes it is so intriguing..
it makes me want to read more..
man, she's good, I can give her that..
and she's quite sarcastic too, my kind of people.. (^^,)
she makes it interesting for people to read her posts..
I know it's crazy to talk about someone just by 1 visit to their blog, but I just had to write this down..
I didn't really have her permission to write stuff about her in my blog, I wonder if she'd mind..
but all I want to say is...
I'm clearly inspired by her..
can't you tell?
wait, my entry mood gave it away.. hahaha..

anyways, my blog entries from now on might change..
even though I'm currently not studying anywhere, I can't really blog about those now can I, but I am still able to post other knowledgeable stuff right?..
look forward to those, cos the winds of change are blowing..
shining star~~


mizah-kholil said...

hi there, thanks for reading my entry. =]
i just replied to u on my own post as well.
i didnt catch your name? what are u studying now?
and by the way, who's the brother in the 'just a friend of a brother of a friend..'

sweet_knk said...

hey, you're welcome.. (^^,)
my name?.. Khairun Najmi.. I'm currently waiting to graduate from college, maybe at the end on this year.. I studied Entrepreneurship in Malacca..
owh, I was talking about Ammar.. I'm a friend of his brother, Amir.. you are friends with Ammar right?.. (o_0;;

mizah-kholil said...

nice to meet u khairun. well i was classmates with him..if that counts as friends. and now we're just in the middle of a discussion which apparently neither one wants to back down.

sweet_knk said...

you can just call me najmie.. khairun sounds so.... feminine.. which I'm not much of.. hahaha..

ahh, classmates.. guess that counts too.. hehehe.. the gay discussion is it?.. I already had that discussion with him in his brother's blog, so I'd rather let you have the fun.. lol..

nice to meet you too.. (^^,)


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