Friday, May 15, 2009

Kedah to Seremban to Malacca..

Mood : psych!!

my holiday journey began on 8th May 2009, at 10 pm..
I boarded the bus with anticipation for my holiday ahead..
waving goodbye to my mother and little sister through the bus window, I made my way to cloud 9, faster than scheduled..
adoiii, why am I typing like this??

anyways, before I closed my eyes, I messaged my friend in Seremban and told her that I was on my way..
estimated arrival time around dawn, Subuh time..
I slept while still feeling the tingle of excitement in my tummy..
I'm gonna see my friends again!!
turning on my mp3 phone, I slept while being lullabied by the songs of Mirotic from DBSK..

next thing I knew, it was 6 am and I have reached Seremban..
I called Fasha, my friend, and she came and fetched me with her brother..
adehhh, sexy dehh her brother, in shorts..
being the good person that I am, I looked away~~
we arrived at her house around 6.30 am, where I quickly perform my Subuh prayers..
I fell asleep after wards and woke up at 8.30 and had breakfast..
ate Fasha's cooking..
after that, I ironed my clothes and took my bath..
we left for the bus terminal at 10 am..
all the while, in the car, Fasha and her family were talking..
and I honestly couldn't understand much they were saying..
coz they were talking in mix dialect, cross over between Kelantense and Negori..
I chose to sit quietly and just observe with my 4 eyes.. (^^,)

we got to bus terminal 1 to pick up Faida, another friend of mine, and we went to terminal 2 where our bus would be waiting..
we would progress to Malacca together, the three of us, where we shall meet up with the rest of our members, Ain, Jiha, Raha, and Kak Ieta..
Hajar had to study for her finals so we would only get to see her on 10th..
once we met, Fasha, Faida and I started sharing and swaping stories, revisiting the glory days of MPP-ing, etc..
it was so much fun!!
it felt great to meet friends.. being stuck at home can take a toll on you sometimes..

so at 11.30 am, we boarded the bus to Malacca..
we each got single seats but in the same row..
don't ask me how that happened..
anyways, I was in the middle with Fasha on my right and Faida on my left..
we were minding our own business and talking to each other, but the guy sitting in front of me kept turning back and stealling glances at my friends and I..
it was so iratating that we were even making fun of him..
we got bored so started listening to our mp3 phones, but Faida went to sleep..
I couldn't hold back and started singing softly to some songs like What If and Sorry Sorry by Super Junior..
I didn't think that it was any loud but the guy in front of me kept glancing back..
aisyhhh!! kacau mood tol..
so after we arrived in Malacca Central, I asked Fasha, was I singing loudly in the bus?..
she said she didn't hear anything..
peculiar... guess he wasn't used to being surrounded by gorgeous girls before..
*bats eyelashes*

we met up with Raha and Kak Ieta in MC and continued our journey to Mahkota Parade, to Fenix Inn situated next to Dataran Pahlawan..
the bus we rode was quite full, so we had to stand..
the atmosphere was happy and chirpy with us in the lead..
once we reached the Inn, we met with Ain and Jiha..
things turned loud after that with high pitched laughter and voices from our kept emotions..
it was really great to see my friends again..
Ain looked chubbier, Jiha as her own skinny self, Raha the jokester of our group, Kak Ieta the same as usual, Fasha the cute and funny one and Faida the quiet yet funny one..
ahhhh, so good to see you guys!!
shining star~~

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