Friday, May 8, 2009

going for holiday!!

Mood : weirdly sexy~~

I'll be leaving for my holiday tonight..
making a stop in Seremban and continuing to Malacca later..
after a night there, we -Ex-MPP Girls - will be heading for our lunch date with the Ex-MPP Guys at the Holiday Inn hotel, around 11 am on 10th May..
I can't wait!!!

and if you saw my previous post..
the possibility of me going to Genting Highlands is high!!
my sister and her husband will be joining my quest in vending out frustrations by riding roller coasters over and over againnnnn~~
will post pictures when I get back..
look forward to it okies?!!..
shining star~~


Ieeko. said...

Hello there! :)

feshnie said...

I wanna go too!
I have my frustrations too!
But it's not about love tho-

sweet_knk said...

hey there Ieeko, welcome to my Blog!!..

sweet_knk said...

Genting was loads of fun!!
I had a BLAST!!
sure wished you where there, and also the rest of our family..
ward off loads of tensions.. (^^,)


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