Saturday, May 16, 2009


Mood : awww~~

I'm seriously sleepy right now..

mummy, please let me sleep..


I wanna introduce you guys to Stokin a.k.a. Ukin..
the name is so obvious due to the sock like paws..
he's so cute!!
he belongs to Ibu and Baba and their family, currently residing in Gombak..

I love cats..
but we just don't have any at home.. (T_T)
shining star~~


Wahida K said...

wah.....nekko so kawaii~~
i wanna have a cat like that....
my mom is really strict with the order at my house.....

sweet_knk said...


ashraf said...

weh bdk.....kite pon ade kucing la. kucing kite comel die cimon....meh la tgk tagged kte

twistxx said...

comel cam tuan dea;;
hahhaha =)) *me

sweet_knk said...

to ashraf..

adehh, nih bukan kucing sy laa... kucing org lain.. sy tak bela kucing.. umi kite tak bg.. huhuhu..

sweet_knk said...

to twistxx..

ukin mmg sgt comel!! tuan ukin ialah ibu dan baba.. hahahaha..


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