Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a day out with the ladies..

Mood : studying, not blogging *lolzz*

hey ho awesome peeps!..
what have you guys been doing today?..
bungee jumping?..
sky diving?..
crocodile hunting?..
pftt, what a boring life you guys have!..
so welcome to my world..
I've just been home, in front of my laptop, sometimes watching tv, and studying in between..
it's so cool to be me..

anyway, yesterday my mum, sis and me went shopping at C-Mart, Changloon..
so what better reason to camwhore, am I right?..
okay, technically I'm not supposed to take pictures in the supermarket, but no one stopped me, so I'm guessing they changed the rule and allowed me..

green shopping..
hey, it's good for digestion and slimming purposes..

mum and me reading labels on yogurt drinks..
did you know that when they say, 0% fat, they increase the level of sugar in the drink?..
so make sure you read the labels before buying..

me messing around with a very large and red pepper..
no worries, I didn't leave any teeth marks..

loading things off the cart onto the cashier place..
onions, potatoes, lots of greens and some yogurt drinks..

OMG, a cheat item!
it's almond chocolate fudge ice cream!

C-Mart is going green!
errr, but not fully green..
still lots of plastic usage, but I can see a little effort done by the management..

my sis Kak Ijah loading items into the cart..

this is when I noticed the Celcom and Maxis shop next door to each other..
talk about stiff competition!

I didn't have breakfast yet when we went shopping, so we made a short stop at Fairy bakery on our way out..
mine is the one in plastic, crab bread or something..
before this I would buy at least 3 different kinds of bread but I've been in control for a while, and I'm beginning to like it..
hey, I lost 3kg, I don't want to gain them back!

the girl here told me I couldn't take pictures in the bakery, and I said, it's okay, she's taking pictures of me, not the store..
then she smiled..
I don't know if she took it well or not..
all the 4 food items cost RM7, cheap or expensive?..

alright, that's all I want to share today..
later awesome peeps!
shining star~~


立ちさん said...

huhuhu biasala.. kalau kat supermarket o mart ni.. mmg x bagi ambik pic.. last time i buat video with my friend pastu kene sound ngan mak guard die org.. hohoho annoying plak rasa.. bukan org nak ambik pic kedai die pon.. huhuhuhu betul3.. hehe

Hizami Rahim said...

apakata anda selalu buat segmen ke store?
eh eh macam sesuai dgn anda.

feshnie said...

That is cheap
I wanna go back and live a cheaper life...

Just_najmiE said...


kan?.. sebok ja diorg, bukan kita nk bukak supermarket sendiri pun.. haishh.. annoying annoying.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


haha, ya kah?.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


come back to kedah, then u'll be able to live the cheaper life.. whee!~~ (^^,)

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Just_najmiE said...

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thank u!.. (^^,)


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