Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a HOT and sizzling day

Mood : added happiness

hey ho awesome peeps!..
happy Tuesday!..
ain't today awesome?..
but do you want to know what's wayyyyyyy awesome-er?..
wait, is there even a word like awesome-er?..
My Funniest Slurpee Video Contest!
and guess what, I entered that contest!..

Najmie, why are you suddenly involved in lots of contests?..
well, I like money and free stuff, so I do crazy things like this!
senget tak?..

so this is my hard work video..

even though I'm not in the vid and only behind the camera without my face in the video even though I really want to be in the video, *omg, such long ramblings..*, I came out with this simple yet funny video..
and thanks a lot to my sisters, Wahida and Kak Ijah for being my actresses..
I'd be loss without you guys..

ok next, this is what you do to prove to me that you're such and awesome friend and a more awesome person..

step 1 :- [click here!]

then you'll see this..
Step 2 :- click "Vote for this video"

then you'll be directed to this page..
fill in your username and password if you already have an account, or click Join as a member to create your own account..

Step 3 :- create a Slurpee nation account..

you'll get this pop up window..
fill in the blanks and click Sign Up..
an email will be sent to your email to activate your account..

Step 4 :- go back to this page and click "Vote for this video!"
you're so awesome!!

Step 5 :- click "tell your friends!"
and do tell!!
think of it as a birthday present for me..
pretty please with cherries on top..

and once you've done all that, inform me here and I'll credit you for being such an awesome person!..
really, I'm not lying..

so in advance, Thanks a Million!!
it's the best birthday present ever!..


Afra Yuri said...

vote for ya darling! good luck! nak join contest ni, maybe nextweek :D

Silverleaf said...

Good Luck!!!!!...u have my vote...

DJF CloSet said...

can't i just vote for u without sign up as member? haiz...

Just_najmiE said...


thanks babe!.. join la, test ur luck! (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


thank u so much..

Just_najmiE said...

dfj closet..

hehehe, seems so.. thanks kak!


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