Monday, April 5, 2010

say NO to THEM!

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hey ho awesome peeps, how was your weekend?..
I hope you had a great time relaxing at home or going out with your friends, or whatever you guys did..
and I hope you had fun doing those activities, and didn't waste much money..
if you did, next time send the money to me, to help people in need, which is ME!

well anyway, since I'm studying in UUM, Kedah, my weekend starts on Friday, not the usual Saturday..
I spent it on half a day of makeup workshop held by MISC residential hall, UUM..
wasn't that great, but it was okay I guess..
loads of women turned up for the event, almost a full house..
lots of Malay and Chinese, Indians being a minor..
among all these beautiful birds, were 4 flightless birds, the softies..
believe me, they were an eyesore..
in an ocean of women, they -the 4 'men'- stuck out like a sore thumb..
I clearly loath them for being there..

I'm not being judgmental..
I don't mind if the guy is a softy yet straight, but putting on makeup??
that's just taking it too far!
putting on powder, eyeshadow and lip gloss, holding a handbag and doing catwalks?
what the hell is that??!
next thing you know, they'll end up like this..

they may look pretty, but they are artificial..
they are FAKE, people!
don't be fooled..
they aren't original, no matter how hard they tried..
no botox, plastic surgery or hormone pills will change you into a woman..
you're still a guy, through and through..
so act like one!

with the depleting number of men out there, finding a straight guy is hard due to 'men' like these..
'they' tend to target straight men on social websites like Facebook, MySpace, Tagged, and even blogs..
some even have no feeling of shame and approach guys point blank..
'they' somehow made it a goal to change straight men to gays, especially handsome or cute guys..
hence the reason Holloywood is now filled with 'them'..
but I'm not concerned about them Holloywood artists, they'll be ashes anyway..
but the Asians, it's not the way of life here, it goes against so many religion, not just Islam..
please find your way back, life is too short to make this mistake..

I don't know why I had the sudden urge to post this topic..
but I guess I had to, keeping it bottled up did no good..
and I had an inspiration when I read Fatul's blog post somewhere similar to this topic..
oh, not to mention Syahir regarding being bothered by gays..
fyi, they are guys and they're hating it..
well guess what, we girls hate it more..

from my observation and reading, the reasons these 'men' turned this way were:-
1) rejected by women they loved
2) betrayed by women
3) born with the instincts
4) being a woman has more choices
5) want to be understood and loved

this is based on my reading and observation..
but between you me, these are pretty much LAME excuses..
so what a girl dumps you, big deal..
move on la..
as they say, 'there are more than one fish in the sea..'
errr, wait, I think fishes are not the best example here..
well, you get my point..

I myself have been dumped and rejected by men somewhere in my life, but you don't see me turning into a lesbian, now do you?..
it comes back down to choices..
if you choose to be gay or a shemale, then you choose your future that way..
you can't blame instincts, you can't blame anyone..
it's the choice YOU made..
so now, choose to be straight again..
I personally know a guy how was gay and a shemale previously, but now turned straight..
he even has a girlfriend and living happily..
it's a CHOICE..

life itself is a choice..
so choose wisely..
shining star~~


Hizami Li said...

pendapat anda bernas.

Izzlin said...

nice entry :)b

Just_najmiE said...


thanks.. felt like I had to say it somewhere.. thanks for reading!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...

kak dewi..

thank you..


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