Monday, April 19, 2010

blood spill in the kitchen

Mood : yikes!

I'm currently tapping into my inner famine parts, my cooking!
I have been mastering the art of making tomyam, the easy way..

before I get into the whole bloody affair, let's read what happened on Saturday afternoon..
so there I was, immerse in the virtual world that we call the internet..
my family was watching tv, a Hindustan movie was on, Aswariaya Rai was the lead actress..
pftt, I have outgrown the Hindi movies..
personally, the story takes too effin' long weih!
anyway, back to the story..
while surfing the web, I heard a low scary sound..
what was that noise?..
owh, it was my tummy, I'm hungry!
I asked my sister to go cook, long story short, I had to go to the kitchen myself to cook the said tomyam..
nyum nyum!

so there I was, cutting carrots, like I usually do when cooking tomyam..
I positioned the knife and sliced away..
but my hand somehow slipped..
and the knife tore into my fingers..
I didn't scream, believe me, I DIDN'T..
I didn't make a fuss, really..
so that was how blood was spilled in the kitchen..
it's just a small cut, not a big deal..
but somehow, some people think it is..
so sweet, people do care for me..

in the end, my mum finished cooking the tomyam..
I hope she remembered to wash the knife before continuing to cut the carrots..
or not, we'd be vampires now running alongside Robert Patterson..
pfftttt, I haven't even seen that movie..
apa tah nama dia?..

okay, focus for finals now..


Hizami Li said...

jangan jadi raja bersiong sudah.
eh najmie...
jarang masok dapor ke?
sampai boleh luka ni.

Just_najmiE said...

masuk dapor tu selalu, tp tak focus time potong karot, tu yg p potong jari tu.. haha..

+KeRoL+??=KeRoL?? said...

aiiisshhh...xfokus yer.....jga diri ye ms memasak...memasak is an art...klu xfokus...masakan akan cmpur ngn darah..sapa nk mkn?,hati2 ms memasak..sayangi lar org yg t'syg....huhuhu...

Judiene said...

you need to watch Nigella Express la i think
or Jamie's Kitchen ke
i like both shows you know

Just_najmiE said...


hehehe.. baikkk.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


erm, I don't really watch the AFC channel.. but we'll see how it turns out in the future.. (^^,)


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