Monday, April 19, 2010

why should we support 1Malaysia?

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morning awesome peeps..
I have a Basic Entrepreneurship final exam today at 2.30pm at TE, UUM..
I'm not really prepared, but okay lah, not that worried..
but just in case, pray for my success..

now back to the topic at hand..
why should we support 1Malaysia?..
because regardless of ethnicity nor religion, we are 1..
it's that simple..
everyone goes about saying how proud they are to be a Malaysian citizen with diversified culture and race, but do they really tolerate and get along with others?..
I've seen Chinese and Indians get into fights, Malay and Chinese get into fights, and Indian and Malays too..
we should not be like this..
I'd like to take an example of my brother-in-law's family situated in Selangor, quite close to Batu Caves..
the neighbour on the left is Indian, and they get along just fine..
the neighbours in front of them is Chinese, and they also get along just fine..
and they even share a few laughs together..
see, this is how it's supposed to be..

you know, since I was involved in SIFE UUM, I really have gotten close with other races..
I admit, I was one of the said citizens who didn't tolerate and get along with other races when I was younger..
but that has changed now..
I love all my Chinese and Indian friends, even my international friends..
it's amazing what we can learn from one another..
I'm even learning Mandarin again!

me, Aevin and YiChin representing SIFE UUM 1Malaysia..
picture curtsy of SOGO STUDIO Photography..


so ask yourself this, are you 1Malaysia?..
shining star~~


Judiene said...

too bad that i'm studying in UiTM where's no chinese and indians
but thank to my posting session, now i got chinese and indian friends
but don't know whether we're gonna keep in touch with each other or not after this

Just_najmiE said...


I thought UiTM has chinese and indians, but not that much kan?.. well, don't worry, as long as u're 1Malaysia at heart, nothing can go wrong.. (^^,)


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