Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the SECRET to staying young and beautiful is...

to get yourself a red car!

Mood :- beyond happy

before we go any further, I'd like to wish to my best-est friend ever a happy 22nd birthday!
you're the most AWESOME person ever!
no one knows me better than you..
may this year be a nice and fruitful year for you, and may all your wishes come true!..
all for you, my best friend,

*dedicated to myself, because I am my own best friend*

anyway, I turn 22 today, 7th April..
a year older, a year wiser?..
perhaps, but I don't think I'll ever be 100% matured..
I'll be 75% mature, 15% corky & funny!
eh, boleh ka macam tu?..

so this year I got myself some awesome presents like I mentioned in [this post]..
thank you my dear friend, Mr FS..
and today I also got another present..
my red kancil is finally out from the workshop!
well, okay, it's not technically mine, it's my mums, but I like to pretend that it belongs to me..
now I finally got an awesome boyfriend!
check my bad boy out!

handsome painted front..

red carpeted floors and red gear shifts and red seat covers..
all red!
it's HOT, ain't it?..
I've given the car a name..
awesome kan??

there's still minor detailing that has to be done to the exterior and interior, but overall, it's awesome!
there's a spoiler at the back, I forgot to include that in the picture..
thank you mummy, I like this present, even though it's actually your car..

and I also went to Guardian today while I was in Jitra..
I spent the RM 20 voucher that I got for free..

bought myself one of Adidas Action 3 product, the proud sponsor for [Project Alpha Season 2]..
also bought myself Nivea toner, coz my Irise' toner is finishing..
and also a hand sanitizer, coz you don't know where your hands have been and what germs are on it..
I want to be healthy on my birthday..

so anyway, I have a BBQ dinner to attend tomorrow night, aside from my SIFE meeting..
got some things to discuss and stuff..
and then I have to study for my Public Speaking Written Exam on Friday morning..
well, the thing is, I've only managed to study 20% of the whole subject, and I seriously think I have to step it up a notch..

okay, I'm off!~~
but before that, I want to thank everyone who wished happy birthday to me on Facebook..
thank you so so much!
there's to many of you to thank properly here..
but just so you know,


and the present I want to ask from all of you is,

go to [this website], click LIKE


also [this website] and VOTE FOR ME!!

that's all the present I want from you guys..
can you give me this present?..
pretty please with sugar on top?..

shining star~~


Hizami Li said...

epY besdaY~

Judiene said...

don't forget you'll turn 23 next year

feshnie said...

Slurpee contest is troublesome...

Yeah, Happy Birthday and your naming ability is so random.

Khairi said...

dah vote! jom join my kontes hehe.

wah... ehem... hepi besday to uuu! bright days ahead. You make it!!


Just_najmiE said...


thank u!.. (^^,)

Just_najmiE said...


looking forward to that!.. haha..

Just_najmiE said...


VOTE!! it's compulsory for u.. haha.. yeah, it is random.. =P

Just_najmiE said...


thanks!.. insyaallah nnt I'll give it a try..

faaza said...

merah menyala2..
nampak panas betul keta tue..ehehehe:P
fav color merak ek akak???


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